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VRay for C4D: The Render Power Package for Maxon CINEMA 4D

Chaos Group - the world famous, ultra high quality, industry standard render engine for unsurpassed animations, movies, and still images is now available as VRAYforC4D to complement Maxon Cinema 4D. Famous for its unsurpassed render quality and high speed, V-Ray can now render Cinema 4D and give you precise control, allowing you to mix realism and artistry easily and achieve beyond photorealistic results.

Key Features and Benefits

V-Ray is famous for its high-speed unsurpassed render quality. VRAYforC4D is developed to not only look "nice" but also to render in an accurate, physically correct way, ensuring a light and surface quality not easily possible in most normal render engines. With VRAYforC4D you can set real world values, real photometric light intensities, IES light data from manufacturers, a physical sun, and high-end BRDF surfaces -- all which fit seamlessly and automatically together. VRAYforC4D offers deep control of the rendering to fine tune and bend the rules of reality to your needs. Life-like materials can be mixed and controlled via your physical camera, like a real photographer, but creating your own, personal stylistic effects. VRAYforC4D uses the same high level render technology from industry standard V-Ray for 3ds Max, delivering the same outstanding animation and still image quality, flicker-free, for which VRAYforC4D is world-wide famous and admired for.
VRAYforC4D is highly optimized in all areas, using custom developed high-level technology unique to its engine. Years ahead of the rest, V-Ray influences the whole industry in a positive way. VRAYforC4D offers probably the highest quality to render speed ratio of all available systems, and is also developed in high speed to keep its edge above the rest.
Best Global Illumination
VRAYforC4D has been built from the ground up for using GI (Global Illumination). GI is rendered not as an effect layed over the rest, but as the core of all image calculation. Designed to fit together with all parts of the engine smoothly, GI is the heart of VRay. VRAYforC4D's GI is unique; the same dmc core renders GI, light, AA, and reflection at the same time, producing seemless perfection. Several high end GI methods are offered, allowing you to choose depending on your need and type of project. You can use them in combination at once to achieve the highest possible quality and efficiency. V-Ray lightcache GI "LC" combined with irradiance map "IR" or DMC BruteForce p.e. offers unlimited light bounces with ultra high speed and detail. The V-Ray Lightcache mode also shows a good preview of the final image within a few seconds, a great time saver and workflow enhancement valued highly by artists. Special GI modes for object and flythrough animation are provided that can be saved and reused - another great time saver. From one single saved GI solution you can render out several animations, high resolution still images, panoramas, and more. VRAYforC4D GI offers physically correct light distribution at unseen quality and speed.
Multilayered BRDF Material
The best render engine means nothing if the material description is not desisgned to fit the GI. The look and feel of a surface and material is defined by the light; and you need the tools to bild your materials that fit these needs. Realistic rendering requires physically accurate materials with perfect control. VRAYforC4D's BRDF gives you multilayered true anisotropic reflection and specularity, volume scattering, absorptions, and material creations which turn out photo-realistic. Metals look like metal, glass like glass, plastics like plastics, thanks to the precise BRDF material and physical light in V-Ray. You can reuse materials multiple times and always feel sure the next scene will look correct. The physical model makes it easy to produce high level surfaces without guessing; the deep control lets you go to the limits of your imagination. Unique to VRAYforC4D, VRAYforC4D uses a special layered incarnation of the V-Ray BRDF Material that brings unsurpassed possibilities and deep, precise control over materials.
Native Cinema 4D Shader Support in BRDF
VRAYforC4D supports Maxon's CINEMA 4D excellent procedural shading system within the V-Ray BRDF Material. Popular shaders like the layer shader, noises, tiles, fusion, fresnel, falloff, and more can be rendered easily in VRAYforC4D. 99% of the shaders work like you are used to, and even many third party shaders work automatically within the V-Ray BDRF.
Easy Workflow
Despite all the control and possibilities VRAYforC4D offers, simplicity and ease-of-use are VRAYforC4D's hallmark. The interface has been made to be as close to CINEMA 4D as possible, with all settings in one place, so you can use the standard CINEMA 4D objects, lights, shaders, and materials, all handled in the same way. V-Ray Tags expand the functionality of CINEMA 4D objects in an easy and transparent way.
In addition, VRAYforC4D offers workflows that are only possible with an engine that offers a so-called "physical workflow" - in VRAYforC4D you set all parameters simply like they are in the real world. The powerful V-Ray engine does the rest of the work for you. All processes are calibrated to fit together automatically so light set ups and materials are easy tasks; there's never a need to struggle with trial and error. This "phycial workflow" ensures that all setups follow the logic of reality and each element does what you would expect from instinct. VRAYforC4D saves you many hours of work as you don't have to reinvent the wheel in each scene, just reuse your materials, settings, lights, and then concentrate on the more important aspects of rendering. You can also save presets or use the several predefined GI presets (from preview level to very high), making it easy for daily work and especially for beginners.
Huge V-Ray Userbase - Proven Quality
The V-Ray community is a worldwide, ambitious, creative crowd of professionals and beginners. Endless tutorials and material resources are available for learning V-Ray quickly and efficiently.
Free Render-nodes
Last but not least, VRAYforC4D offers unlimited free render-nodes with unlimited CPU count per license, for use with MAXON CINEMA 4D Net. So with one single VRAYforC4D license and a MAXON Studio Bundle, you can render on all your computers just like a huge render-farm at no additional cost. This offer is worth many thousands if you plan to use V-Ray on your in-house render-farm. You can render animations and still images over as many CPUs as you want -- there are no limitations on the computer or CPU count in any way.

Extensive Feature List

Superb V-Ray Image Quality
Already proved by hundreds of thousands of V-Ray users on the 3ds Max platform, V-Ray is known for its world class image and light quality. It is no secret that V-Ray has unique magic light and surface quality that artists (and their clients) love. The quality is due to the special way V-Ray handles and calculated light, surfaces, and images internally in balance, while offering the user total control and photo-realistic results.
Physically Correct Illumination with Real LC Lightcache GI, Unlimited Lightbounce, and Instant Feedback
VRAYforC4D offers what is probably the fastest and most reliable GI of all render engines available. With near physical-correct solutions at lightening speed, VRAYforC4D offers the fastest and highest quality IR+Lightcache method which calculates light with unlimited lightbounces and gives the same instant preview of the image. Also very simple to use in presets with a drop-down menu, VRAYforC4D has been build around GI from the ground, making Global Illumination the base core fo the package.
Unsurpassed Animation Capabilities and Quality
  • Save and reuse ultra fast GI modes, flicker-free
  • Object and camera animation at full high resolutions quality
  • Calculate the GI for your scene only once, and then freely move around with your camera without the need to recalculate
  • Fast NETrender modes with GI
Precise Light Management
There is no need in VRAYforC4D for fake lights or other "work arounds." Just place the lights as you would in the real world, and let VRAYforC4D do its work. The lights will react just as they would in the real world. Although VRAYforC4D uses the native CINEMA 4D lights, it expands their functionality with a wide range of controls and transforms them into high quality V-Ray physical lights. You can choose to use photometric lights with intensity units in watts, lumen, radiance, and more. You can even import light manufacturer IES data. IES lights give you the realistic light distribution of real lamp fixtures, a huge benefit for architectural or design and furniture visualization. VRAYforC4D comes with several ready-to-use presets with their own wide range of controls for shadow, reflection visibility, specular, and more. All lights can be stored within a cached GI solution for fast reuse.
Photometric Physical Sun and Sky for Indoor and Outdoor
VRAYforC4D lets you transform any light or native CINEMA 4D sun into a full physical sky environment. You only need to set the time and location, and then render. VRAYforC4D will always provide a fully physically correct and beautiful light solution with just a few clicks, while fitting in perfectly with all IES and photometric lights.
Full Physical Camera Simulation
With the VRAYforC4D physical camera the whole process of lighting a scene gets renewed. With all the controls a real camera has, you can later the scene just as you would in the real world, with iso, shutterspeed, fstop, white balance, and real physical depth of field. Several presets are included which make the work with the camera absolutely easy and intuitive.
HDRI 32bit Per Channel INPUT and OUTPUT
Everything in VRAYforC4D has been calculated in full HDRI 32bit per channel mode. Every input, texture, shader, color value, and output can be set to 32 bit without any quality loss. Valuable for demanding artists and production environments, HDRI images can also be used to light the scene, render fast, and can even cast shadows and real caustics.
High Level Multilayered BRDF Material
VRAYforC4D expands CINEMA 4D with its high level multilayered BRDF Materials. The Material layout is similar to the CINEMA 4D Material, only VRAYforC4D offers more channels with more control and physical quality. All surface calculations are based on real world physical behavior, without typical shader faking needed. Reflections, gloss reflections, transparency, translucency, depth absorption, physically correct subsurface scattering, back-light, single surface SSS, luminance, normal maps, true and ultra fast micropoly displacement, true anisotropy with textured angle control -- with VRAYforC4D BRDF Material, there is unlimited possibility. Creating materials is fun and natural in VRAYforC4D - and you have the control. VRAYforC4D comes with over 100 presets for all kinds of materials for fast learning and instant use. You will be amazed by the possibilities and quality.
Blend Material
The V-Ray blend material expands the wide possibilities of the BRDF Material even more, for complex layers and coated surfaces. Layer up to 10 full BRDF Materials and blend them together in any way, control the textures, gradients, or falloffs. This is an excellent method to create multilayered materials like car paints, pearls, satins, coated wood or plastic, and more.
2 Sided Material
With VRAYforC4D 2 sided material you get ultra fast translucency and Single Surface Sub Surface Scattering (the so-called 5S). One of the most unbelievable materials, it renders translucent thing objects in almost the same speed as you render a plain diffuse surface. 2 sided material will transport light from one side to the oterh, cast shadows, and produce full correct Global Illumination. Create translucent risepaper, lampshades, curtains, leaves, thin paper, back-light architectural panels, or satinated glass. You can even texture the front and backside differently and control how one side interacts with the other.
Easy Real Proxy - Incredibly Fast for Billions of Polygons, with No Extra RAM Needed
VRAYforC4D provides on of the most efficient Proxy solutions available. Millions or even billions of polygons and many zig thousands of copies of objects can be rendered without using more RAM. The instances can have varying size, rotations, and materials; you can scatter them with Maxon Mograph or other tools like "paint on surface" if you want. Any object can be converted with a simple tag into a V-Ray proxy. Create quickly and easily realistic forests, people, plants, landscapes, furniture - the choice is yours.
Camera and Object Motion Blur
VRAYforC4D provides fast and physically correct motion blur for cameras and moving polygon objects. Simple to use and adjustable, the motion blur works with the physically correct camera settings like shutter speed, shutter angle, and more.
Fast Micro-poly-displacement
VRAYforC4D offers ultra fast and detailed micro-poly-displacement, working for massive amounts of use in a scene and retains its speed even when using GI and other high-end setups. A special new displacement material for CINEMA 4D gives you ultimate power and control. You can now use displacement as the true render time solution surface effect for ultra detailed displacements that come from 3D painting applications like BodyPaint, Zbrush, or Mudbox.
Physical DOF and Bokeh Lense Effects
VRAYforC4D offers high level physically correct Depth of Field. It can calculate the so-called Bokeh effects that takes the imperfections and shape of the lens into account. Simple to use, its intensity can be controlled by the the physical camera settings, just like in real life. The DOF and Bokeh Effect renders correctly behind refractions, glass, and even in reflections, giving you extreme realism in your scenes.
HDRI - Ultra Fast and Precise Image-Based Lighting
With VRAYforC4D you can use only one HDRI image placed outside the building to light the full interior, without placing any lights inside. All light comes for the High Dynamic Range Image, and rendered with full GI and Physical Camera. The light quality is superb, with crisp GI shadows, SSS on textures, and all reflective and gloss material responds to the HDRI with volume refraction and more. As usual, rendering with a HDRI is fast.
360 Degree Special Camera
Render in a true hemispheric 360 degree image, creating stunning effects with this special camera, or with HDRI environments or compositing backgrounds.
Additional Special Cameras
VRAYforC4D offers other special camera features, such as fisheye distortion, cubic rendering, there is no limit to your choices, and all special camera render at the same speed as any normal camera in VRAYforC4D.
Real Physical Sub Surface Scattering (SSS)
The real SSS is an effect influenced by refractions, diffuse body, translucency, and volume light scattering and absorption. Natural SSS happens automatically directly in the V-Ray BRDF Material. The real SSS can also be seamlessly blended, fully textured, coated with blend material, and more. VRAYforC4D comes with several presets of SSS materials but you can create your own to achieve the look you desire. All SSS is calculated to perform physically correct, just as the material or creation would look in real life.
Mograph Integration
VRAYforC4D and Mograph combine to create huge power and unseen possibilities. V-Ray also works with 3rd party plugins.
Thinking Particles and Proxy Objects
VRAYforC4D renders Thinking Particles objects directly and also with GI very fast. You can even use instances or improve the V-Ray proxy as a Particle source and spread the proxies with your Thinking Particle setups. You only need RAM for one single Particle, all other particles are true 3D instances. This gives enormous possibilities for CINEMA 4D artists.
Hair Module Rendering
If you set the hair module to one of the modes where actual geometry is produced (direct on render time), VRAYforC4D can even render Hair in V-Ray. VRAYforC4D won't slow down on many polygons so you can make fields of grass, hair, fur, and more and render with the full GI and reflection interaction.
Render Out in Stripes
Save even more time by rendering in stripes on more PCs and get your image in minutes!
Full Render Region Tool
Render sections of your scene to change objects or details as you wish.
High Poly Count Rendering
VRAYforC4D can render high polygon scenes extremely well. 3D trees, detailed CAD models, cars, 3D humans, and more - VRAYforC4D can render them all without slowing down.
Multi-Platform - One License Fits All
One license of VRAYforC4D will work on Mac or your PCs - just choose the OS you need and like. No hardware dongle is needed.
V-Ray for C4D Materials Sharing Site
Have access to a materials sharing site hosted specifically for VRAYforC4D, upload your own materials or download ones you like all at no extra cost, here!

This Product is Also Known As

  • Vray For C4D

  • Vray for Cinema 4D

  • VRAYforC4D

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