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Vectorworks Spotlight Training - Foundational Event Planning

Online Course: A 3-week Masterclass online training on fundamental skills with Vectorworks Spotlight

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Vectorworks Spotlight Training Foundational Event Planning is a three-week comprehensive, project-based online personalized training approach to exploring foundational professional skills with Vectorworks Spotlight design software.

Through industry expert guided lectures, supporting exercises, online training manuals, and weekly group Q&A webinars you will develop an understanding of tools, menus, commands, and workflows used to create and organize an event plan within Vectorworks Spotlight design software.

This Masterclass starts on the ground level and builds up from there. We will explore and practice the essential knowledge, skills, and best practices used by fellow entertainment professionals.

Attend and participate online, at your office, from your home, favorite conference room, or on the road to your next gig from your mobile device.

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What to expect from the classes

Enrolled participants in this 3 week masterclass can expect to:
  • Learn the universe of Vectorworks Spotlight design software and how 2D & 3D objects, classes, design layers, sheet layers, viewports, and annotations interact to support a contemporary model-based iterative design workflow.
  • Setup a basic design model relative to scale and basic publishing requirements.
  • Develop a firm understanding of clicking behavior, snapping function, tool modes, and incorporating accurate constraints within the design model file.
  • Begin to organize and navigate a design model for accurate and successful collaboration with other entertainment industry professionals that use Vectorworks Spotlight and related software.
  • Practice the integrated 2D & 3D modeling workflows used in light plots, documentation, spatial analysis, report generation, document publishing, and presentation illustration.
  • Access industry-related resources from external libraries of 2D & 3D elements.
  • Understand how to create and manage graphic attributes and resources within the design model including hatches, tiles, fills, and line types.
  • Begin to develop an understanding of Information Modeling concepts by creating objects with associated data.

Enrollment in this Masterclass includes:

  • Weekly batches of project-based training exercises and on-demand video lectures
  • Commenting and group discussion integrated within each lecture
  • Weekly live-streamed Q&A with Masterclass instructor and fellow participants
  • Periodic skills quizzes reinforce key concepts
  • Lecture-integrated supportive text
  • Downloadable exercise files in .VWX 2018, 2017 or 2016 format
  • Printable shortcut reminders & tip sheets
  • Personalized, portable and verifiable Masterclass Completion Certificates allow participants who complete the coursework and exams to highlight their new skills on their resumes, websites and LinkedIn profiles.
  • Regular team progress reports for enterprise clients allow managers to track individual progress throughout the training process.


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Customer Reviews

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Refreshing from start to finish

I completed??? Tangably Vectorworks Spotlight training with the confidence to begin implementing Vectorworks Spotlight software within my business. The instructor’s passion for the software was apparent. It brought a nice dynamic to the classroom. A great deal of interesting and useful information was covered throughout the course.

Lik???e an extension of my brain on paper.

Seriously, Tangably just sees it… They know what to do. It’s awesome. Thanks!

Raises the bar for VW training

The instructor has a smart, fresh understanding of Vectorworks, with the goal of maximizing efficiency. Even seasoned Users can benefit fr???om this training.