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Meshroom Studio For Freelancers - Subscription

Meshroom Studio For Freelancers: full access to Meshroom VR Studio product for one specific computer. This license cannot be migrated to another computer once installed

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Meshroom Studio For Freelancers 1-Year Subscription is a Virtual Reality (VR) presentation software, allowing designers and product makers to validate instantly, at a very low cost and at scale 1:1, the design of their 3D objects. Until now, in order to validate a product proportion or ergonomy, designers had no other choice than to prototype their product. This operation is for sure time consuming and also sometimes very costly. Latest VR (Virtual reality) helmets are a game changer allowing any team to afford them. Thanks to Meshroom Studio For Freelancers, it is now so easy and fast to import and visualize 3D files in a very realistic environment and to validate them before prototyping.

New Features

  • Polygon optimizer - Lower polycount on large 3D files.
  • Simplified menu bar - Switch between edition modes easily.
  • «Look at» function- Focus on a specific point on your 3D object (material & HDR editor)
  • Photo studio options - Field of view, depth of field, chromatic aberration, vignette, saturation (HDR editor).
  • New tool to move objects in desktop mode - Change position values (x, y, z) of your object by moving directly in the HDR editor.
  • Parts hiding - Hide, show or isolate any part of your object in material & HDR editor.
  • Traveling & turn table- Automatic display of product highlights (rotate,panning, zooming motion) in material & HDR editor. Shortcuts available in preference page.

Major Improvements

  • Software installation: storage analyzer added.
  • Material editor: possible PNG file import with 16bits/component.
  • Material editor: new materials added (concrete, metal, paint).
  • HDR editor: «HDR only» with factory settings.
  • HDR editor: «Reset settings» option.
  • Menu: optimized shortcuts to change values (mouse wheel, keys arrows).
  • Menu: new import page.
  • Menu: new import options for STEP and IGES.
  • Menu: new preference page (Polygon optimization options, smoothing options and all shortcuts) - Accessible from the main page & the import page.
  • VR mode: save info on position change in VR (Press «D» during VR) - A .txt file named « objectdumpinformation» is available in Documents/MeshroomVR.
  • VR mode: drag and drop a material on the color picker.
  • VR mode: color picker: direct click available.


Import your 3D projects
Simple and incredibly fast. Just use Drag'n'drop and your files .OBJ, .3DXML, .FBX, . STL, .DAE created from your traditional CAD software are in the box.
Edit your materials
Few clicks to get the most professional result. Painting of bodyworks, composite, textile, metals, glass. Get materials in library, edit them or create new ones.
Choose your appropriate environment
Select a unique environment to showcase your 3D object.
Create your personal showroom
Choose your showroom by importing a HDR image. Take a spherical HDR image of your environment or upload one from your favorite sites.
Navigate in virtual reality
Move around your model and handle it.
  • Move Yourself freely: walk, bend, get closer... and use teleportation for larger distances.
  • Access to the inaccessible: set your altitude and look at you object with a suitable viewpoint for best validation.
  • Manipulate from every angle: grab your model and manipulate it easily to take better decisions.




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