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ZWmech HVAC: 2D and 3D Ducting made easy
ZWmech HVAC DuctingThe ZWmech HVAC Ducting module - 2D and 3D Ducting made easy. Duct shape options include rectangular, round and flat oval. Features include: auto-BOM, auto-labeling, flat sheet development.... Several Duct and Duct fittings included: Duct bends, transitions, tees & wyes, offsets, branches, dampers, diffusers, flexible duct, grills, build-in & customer defined symbols and many accessories.
ZWmech HVAC Ducting Module (MHVAC) - Rectangular, round and flat oval ducting. Lets you generate complex HVAC ducting layouts with surprising ease. This HVAC design software adds insulation as required and bends design is fully customizable.
This module also includes the powerful Straight/Bend duct utility with the versatile - Duct on the Run function (2-D only).
  • Rectangular, Round & Flat Oval Duct. w/ or w/o insulation
  • The Ducts can drawn with Flanges and Collars
  • Build-in and customizable symbols, duct labels, elevation
  • Fully customizable and several configurations can be saved
  • Duct data listing for easy identification of parts
  • Duct, bends & tees - Cut sheet development
  • Full Layers Control
  • Duct identification labels & Elevation labels
  • Available with 2-D & 3-D (solid) capabilities
  • Auto-BOM with sheet material take-off
  • Duct Equivalent Size calculator
  • Metric and English units supported

Duct Transforms & Transitions

Features include:
  • Customizable sizes, layers & shape
  • Rectangular-rectangular, rectangular to round, rectangular to flat oval
  • Concentric & eccentric
  • Auto-BOM, data listing, pick & match
  • Top, centre or bottom duct insertion option
  • Insulation, auto-size label

Duct Tees & Wyes

Features include:
  • Customizable sizes, layers & shape
  • Symetrical, asymetrical, risers. asym. branch, radiused bends, wyes
  • Concentric & eccentric
  • Auto-BOM, pick & match
  • Top, centre or bottom duct insertion option
  • Turning vanes option
  • Insulation, several views draw options

Duct Branches

Features include:
  • Customizable sizes, layers & shape
  • Round main to round branch, rectangural main to round branch
  • Straight, 90/45 & 45/45
  • Up or down direction
  • Auto-BOM, pick & match
  • Insulation

Duct Diffusers

Features include:
  • Customizable sizes, layers & shape
  • Round to round, rectangular to round, rectangular to rectangular
  • Supply, returns & exhaust
  • Up or down direction
  • Auto-BOM, pick & match
  • Several views draw options

Duct Offsets

Features include:
  • Customizable sizes, layers & shape
  • Straight & radiused
  • Auto-BOM, pick & match
  • Several configurations & draw options
  • Insulation

Ducting Accessories

  • Flexible duct
  • Conical fittings
  • Terminal units
  • Heating units
  • Registers
  • Return air grills

Installation Requirements

In order to work properly, your copy of ZWmech HVAC Ducting requires :
ZWCAD 2020 StandardZWCAD Std SP2: Reliable, light-weight and DWG compatible CAD platform, much faster with brand-new hybrid technology799769Add to Cart

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