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ArCADia Architecture 9.0

ArCADia BIM architectural modules

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ArCADia Architecture 9.0 is an industry-specific module of the ArCADia BIM system, based on the Building Information Modeling (BIM) model.

ArCADia Architecture 9.0 is used for the object-oriented creation of professional architectural plans and sections, interactive 3D previews and realistic visualization. The program features specialist architectural functions, such as: automatic cross-sections, automatic dimensioning or importing object shapes from other programs.

The ArCADia Architecture 9.0 module is an extension of the ArCADia BIM system's basic functions.


  • Insert arch, single- and multi-layer walls
  • Transform a 2D drawing created from polylines or lines into the plan of single- or multi-layer walls, virtual walls or a foundation plan
    Script Windows And Doors
    • Insert windows of various shapes (circular, triangular, with an arch, etc.); set horizontal and vertical division and define the visibility of windowsills or cut an opening itself (without a windowsill) in a wall in the shape of special windows (doors)
    • Insert single and double arched doors, including additional side or top lighting
    • New windows have been added to the script library
    • New elements have been added to the doors library: revolving, sliding, swinging, and evacuation doors
      Wall Openings
      • Insert an opening of a set width and height in a wall from the left and right side
      • Insert a recess of a predetermined depth
        • Insert any floor by indicating its shape
        • Insert a floor on ground in rooms of the lowest level
        • Enter the openings in the ceiling automatically or by hand
        • Modify a ceiling/floor, add/remove contour corners and split a ceiling/floor
          Suspended Ceilings
          • The insertion of suspended ceilings of any shape or an automatically adapting one to a given room.The ceiling can be finished with a board or consist of set modules determined by the beam and panel spacing placed between them
          • The insertion of any suspened ceiling with individual elements: main and cross beams, external rack and opening finishing, panels and hangers
            Bar Elements
            • Insert vertical and inclined steel columns
            • Insert a horizontal steel object
            • Insert a bar frame from a .f3d file, which is seen as one element but can be exploded and viewed as a single bar element (to be moved and edited separately)
            • Insert bar elements with defined quantity, spacing and direction of insertion
              • Create a spiral staircase inserted with or without a pillar
              • Insert single ramps or ramps with a landing
                • Insert balustrades on terraces and stairs
                • Automatic insertion of the balustrade on the stairs
                  • Insert pitched roofs
                  • Insert windows and openings in the roof
                  • Insert dormer roofs (dormer windows)
                  • Insert a timber structure from the R3D3-Frame 3D
                  • Insert roof hatches
                  • Insert of roof gutters
                  • Insert drain pipes which automatically detect the gutter and the level of the terrain
                  • Insert ridge tiles
                  • Insert chimney cowls, ventilation cowls and fume cowls
                  • Insert snow guards: snow fences, snow crushers and stoppers
                  • Define the type of a roof before inserting
                  • Insert a solar collector on the roof
                    • Insert a strip footing or any defined spot footing in the plan
                    • Default strip footing is inserted along with the walls, and pad footing together with reinforced columns
                      • Draw any shape of a solid with a set height.
                      • Insert a solid of a specified width and height
                      • Insert Solids through a rectangular outline
                      • Edit solids by dividing them and creating any holes
                        • Import objects in the 3DS, aco and o2c formats
                        • Save User-defined symbols (2D elements)
                        • Create a project package
                        • Save an object from any of the system components of ArCADia in the library
                          • Create a cross-section by indicating the cut line of a building
                          • Insert a stepped cross-section with any number of folds
                          • Insert ring beams
                          • Automatically or manually refresh he cross-section
                          • Explode views
                          • Show a cross-section of 3D objects
                            • Materials for each element with its properties are defined
                            • Simple or advanced rendering
                            • New rendering method for outdoors and indoors (Photon mapping)
                            • Rendering in different views: daylight and nighttime views
                            • Multi-rendering, which is recording the views from predefined cameras
                            • Saving of the building view with rendering as a single scene or from selected cameras as defined in the program
                            • Daylight analysis with a date and time setting 


                            Installation Requirements

                            In order to work properly, your copy of ArCADia Architecture 9.0 requires:


                            ArCADia BIM 11
                            ArCADia BIM: ArCADia BIM basic modules (based on the BIM ideology).





                            ArCADia BIM 11 PLUS
                            ArCADia BIM Plus: ArCADia BIM basic modules (based on the BIM ideology).

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