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Urbano Visio
1‑Year Single License Rental (SLR)
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Urbano Visio

Urbano Visio -- 1-Year Single License Rental (SLR)

Smart data management for AutoCAD Civil 3D pipe networks

Urbano Visio 1-Year Single License Rental (SLR) supports a modern BIM workflow that will improve design quality and decrease design time of gravitational pipe networks. Civil engineers and experts contributed their ideas and experience to help create a software that offers solutions to real-life problems. Urbano Visio is the right tool to help you find and inspect important design data, use smart data selections and filters, apply editing changes with precision and quickly create data tables and reports.

Key Features

Data grid
Display all pipe and structure data including custom data from a part list, expressions and Autodesk AutoCAD Map 3D object data. Create custom data groups and store them in configurations for use in new projects.
Select pipes and structures directly from the drawing and view their data in the data grid. Smart selections include element sequence, network branch and profile.
Create simple and complex data queries to serve as ready-to-use filters for the data grid. Apply filters to display only pipes/structures that match the selected query conditions.
Select any cell in the data grid and the appropriate pipe or structure will be highlighted in the plan and profile views. Then zoom-in to plan or profile for an up-close inspection.
Select one cell, several cells or the whole column and set the new value. Use smart selections and editing to quickly input missing data and correct mistakes.
Select any part of the data grid and create a standard AutoCAD table with AutoCAD Civil 3D data for pipes and structures. Upon making design changes, the table will refresh automatically.
Create a simple report by copying any part of the data grid and pasting it directly into another Windows program. Reports can contain standard and custom data for pipes and structures, expressions and Map 3D object data.
Learn quickly
Every program function is documented in the online help and supported with video guides.

Installation Requirements

In order to work properly, your copy of Urbano Visio — 1-Year Single License Rental (SLR) requires AutoCAD Civil 3D 2014 and above.