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SkyCiv Structural 3D Professional - Subscription

SkyCiv Structural 3D Professional: Cloud Based 3D Structural Analysis Software.Unlimited files, engineering support and design modules

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SkyCiv Structural 3D Professional  is a full 3D structural analysis and design software that allows you to analyze shear, bending, deflection, stress and much more. Build your model and analyze your structure faster than ever.

SkyCiv Structural 3D Professional is completely cloud based. This allows users to access their programs and files from a web browser, from anywhere, anytime! No need to install or update the program. This is a cost effective solution with no further costs such as maintenance or updates.

Different from traditional software that are clunky and difficult to use, SkyCiv is by far the most intuitive and easy-to-use structural engineering software for civil and structural engineers.


  • Faster, Easier and All-in-One
  • No Installations. No Lock-ins.
  • Easy Modelling
  • Collaborate and Share


Powerful Structural Analysis Software

  • SkyCiv Structural 3D is a full-featured structural analysis software, including beams, plates and cables.
  • Quick and easy modelling with datasheet and smart drawing features
  • Multiple Solver types including: Linear, P-Delta (non-linear), Buckling Analysis, Cable Analysis
  • Import Multiple Load Combinations from US, UK, European, Canadian and Australian libraries
  • Review reactions, bending, shear, stress, deflection, buckling and many more results
  • Input 3D structures or import .dxf files and also solve for 3D results
  • Smart Repair Model Functionality to you identify and repair model-issues
Integrated Design Standards

Fully Integrated with Design Check Software including AISC, ACI, ASCE, NDS Eurocode, Australian Standards and CSA:
  • Integrated Load Combinations from ASCE, AS 1170, EN 1990 and CSA
  • Steel Member Design for AISC 360, AS4100, CSA S-16 & EN3
  • Reinforced Concrete Member Design as per ACI-318, AS 3600, EN2
  • Integrated Wind Load Design from ASCE 7 10 and AS 1170 (coming soon)
  • Connection Design for AISC 360
  • Wood Design as per NDS
Integrated Section Builder

Visualize your structure with our powerful 3D Renderer. See how the structure will look (and deflect) in real life! Use in your reports or inspect the geometry of the structure with this bonus feature! Rotate around and see your 3D model from every angle for the full structural analysis experience. Also view all results among the members using the color contours.
Easy Modelling Functionality
Speed up your modelling in SkyCiv's structural analysis software, with these easy to use features.
  • SEnter nodes, members and plates using mouse click functions
  • Run Repair Model to quickly locate and repair issues with your model
  • Use the pen tool to draw and snap to global axes
  • Use the SkyCiv Datasheet (much like a spreadsheet) to enter data in quickly
  • Mass edit and change by simply multi selecting elements
  • Inbuilt modelling operations such as repeat/mirror and curve members
Powerful Reporting
SkyCiv S3D allows you to custom build your own analysis reports in PDF format, as well as output full calculation reports from within our design modules.
  • Isolate single members
  • Include custom saved screenshots
  • Show full calculations of design modules, so you can review the assumptions, references and failure criteria of your designs
  • Design summary reports showing green/red highlights for pass/fail
  • Perform operations such as: rotate, mirror and translate
  • Include your company logo on reports, marketing your company
  • Full Calculation Reporting for design modules (AISC, ACI, AS, CSA and EN)
Collaborate and Share

Share and collaborate on models with your team using the following simple sharing features:
  • Share files easily with other members of your team
  • SkyCiv Support team can see your models in real-time, so support has never been easier
  • Control permissions and access for other users
  • Revision control allows you to see all the changes made to your model, and revery back to previous saves
  • SkyCiv also maintains backups and archives, so if you lose a file contact us and we can recover it
Plates, Cables and Buckling
SkyCiv is powerful structural analysis software - supporting a wide range of elements.
  • Plate analysis - including deflection, shear/bending forces as well as a range of Stress Analysis Results. Includes a full meshing tool with multiple mesh types and controls that can easily be meshed and undone
  • Run cable analysis with accurate P-detla (non-linear) analysis
  • Prestress cables and adjust cable lengths
  • Full buckling analysis capabilities to ensure safety against buckling
  • Buckling Analysis displays buckling shape of your model in both accurate (longer solver time) and simplified

    Your Plan Include

    • SkyCiv Beam
    • SkyCiv Structural 3D
    • SkyCiv Truss and Frame
    • Integrated Section Builder
    • Full Standalone Design
    • Removed Watermark
    • Unlimited Files
    • Private Files
    • Custom Logo
    • Engineering Support
    • Steel Member Design
    • Reinforced Concrete
    • Connection Design

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