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PTC Creo Tolerance Analysis Extension - Subscription

Powered by CETOL Technology. Analyze and Document Geometric Tolerances Directly on 3D CAD Models. Powered by CETOL Technology

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PTC Creo Tolerance Analysis Extension  (TAE), is an extension to PTC Creo Parametric. With PTC Creo Tolerance Analysis Extensionyou can evaluate the impact of tolerances and dimensioning on product designs before the product reaches either prototyping or manufacturing.

PTC Creo Tolerance Analysis Extensionprovides two analysis tools: worst-case analysis and statistical analysis. Worst-case analysis, often used for critical components, considers what happens when each of the components in the stack-up reaches the maximum acceptable measurement. In statistical analysis each component's variation is modeled as a statistical distribution. These distributions then are added together to predict the distribution of the assembly measurement.

Using these tools, designers can produce products that meet customer requirements within acceptable margins. The result: shorter product development cycles, lower product cost, and higher product quality.

Key benefits

  • Evaluate the impact of tolerances on the manufacturability of designs
  • Enable concurrent engineering to ensure designs meet manufacturing requirements
  • Six Sigma design methodologies to ensure design quality
  • Streamline design processes, improve productivity, and reduce time-to-market

Capabilities and specifications

Easy-to-use capabilities
  • Integrated graphical user interface is easy to learn and use
  • 1D tolerance loops
  • Tolerance stack-ups
  • Automatic validation of dimensions and dimension loop
  • Interactive visualization of the tolerance loop
  • Profile and position GTOLS supported
  • Tolerance analyses can be saved as a feature in PTC Creo
  • Part of assembly-level management of tolerance analyses
  • Quickly edit analysis inputs by deleting or substituting components and dimensions
Powerful analysis
  • Contribution and sensitivity analysis
  • Configurable biasing of pin/hole joints
  • Worse-case and statistical analysis
  • Reference driving as well as annotation dimensions
  • Placeholder components enable simulation of dimension properties that are not accounted for in the CAD model
  • Automatically closes gaps in the model
  • Contribution and sensitivity output plots
  • Automatically generated HTML results report
  • View worst case and statistical distributions
  • Mean and standard deviation
  • Dynamic display of results within the Tolerance Analysis Feature
  • Results such as sigma defects per million units (DPMU) and % yield can be saved as parameters in the Tolerance Analysis feature



Installation Requirements

In order to work properly, your copy of PTC Creo Tolerance Analysis 1-Year Subscription requires:


PTC Creo 6.0 Design Essentials
PTC Creo Design Essentials (T1): Core functionality to design with confidence

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