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Graphite 12

Professional 2D and 3D Drafting for Windows and Mac

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No other drafting software is faster and easier to use than Graphite 12, period. With all the power to match of the world's leading drafting package, Graphite 12 provides an interface that lets creative people get the job done without worrying about how to run their software. Create 2D and 3D precision wireframe drawings of unlimited complexity and detail. Whether you need a simple sketch, an elaborate architectural design or a precision engineering drawing, Graphite 12 lets creative professionals express their ideas clearly and completely in the fastest way possible.

New in this version

  • 2 to 25 times faster on zooms, pans and moves, things users do most
  • Support for the latest operating systems including Mac 10.14 Mojave and Windows 10
  • Support for the latest DXF/DWG up to AutoCAD 2019
  • New informative file import window
  • Alignment setting for hatch origins
  • Symbol access for text boxes including ±, ° and Ø
  • Various bug fixes and enhancements of existing features

Features and benefits

Organic Workflow in Consumer Product Design
  • Effortless and fast precision drafting.
  • Easier to learn and easier to use than anything else.
  • Precision 2D and 3D drafting accurate to 16 digits.
  • The pioneering, renowned, classic Vellum intuitive interface.
  • The revolutionary Vellum Drafting Assistant for intelligent snaps and automatic alignments in X,Y, and Z.
  • BOM (Bill of Materials).
  • Auto text forms.
  • Intelligent, parametric symbols from any geometry.
  • New preview symbol panel.
  • Flexible and dynamic dimensioning to ANSI, JIS, ISO, BAE, DIN, and ASME GD&T standards.
  • Multiple dynamic views: Top, Front, Side, Detail.
  • True 32-bit seamless Mac and Windows compatibility.
  • CAD/CAM interoperability.

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Installation Requirements

In order to work properly, your copy of Graphite 12 requires Graphite digital edition.

Customer Reviews

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Simple, yet powerful interface

Wooow! I havent seen anything so easy and yet very powerful in designing.


I've heard people say it has taken as much as 2 months to learn Autocad. While I can't say I'm a master, I was turning out shop drawings for our iron shop in 2 days. The hardest thing to adapt to, having used what are sometimes called painting programs such as Canvas 9 is with this program your always working full scale and scaling for printouts and such, although that may just be my own inexperience since I'm an artisan, not an architect. The main weakness I find is in terms of spacing out repetitive objects such as pickets or balusters, I have yet to find a simple way of doing this. A ruler on top and side would be nice for us dummies to do object placement also. I imagine trained architects will have less trouble w/ this though. The great things are the snaps - end & center of line - and stroke commands - zoom, last view and construction lines. I have been told they are working on making program work w/ scroll wheels which will be nice for navigating around large drawings and save on mouse hand fatigue. In closing I have to say I turn out great shop and presentation drawings with very little professional training and very little time to devote to mastering the program, I probably use 10% of what program can do and am anxious to learn 10% more, if you will be working on it every day in a few weeks you will be able to do just about anything you need to and then some. I highly recomend this product. Norman Campbell, President, Campbell Ironworks Inc.


Very easy to master for any type drawings. Simple commands with point and click settings.