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Arcon Evo
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Arcon Evo

Arcon Evo

Powerful, flexible 2D & 3D home design software for architects and building professionals

Using an all new interface, toolset and graphics engine, Arcon Evo has been specially developed to provide architects, developers and building professionals with a one-stop solution to their CAD requirements. Easy to use, with a drag-and-drop environment but with a powerful and flexible range of options to suit all designs. With a comprehensive set of tools suitable for all aspects of building design, Arcon Evo will enable you to easily draw your building to levels suitable for planning submissions, add detailing and working drawings for building control and visualize it in a detailed 3D model.

Key Features

  • Powerful toolset for creating 2D floor plans, elevations, section details
  • Produce construction sets using additional CAD tools with building regulation details available
  • Supports 3DS, STL, Google Earth, COLLADA, DXF/DWG, IFC (BIM)
  • Set geographic position through Google Maps to display accurate lighting conditions
  • Advanced timber construction display in walls, floors, roof structure
  • Includes detailed layering feature for adding hatching to walls and around windows/doors
  • Fully interactive graphics for modifying construction elements and individual component parts
  • Easily modify wall levels at varying heights
  • Supports 3D printing capabilities
  • BIM-compatible via IFC interface
  • Advanced editor for designing custom windows and doors
  • In-line measurements for making direct changes around selected elements in both 2D and 3D
  • Extensive range of window and door types including bi-folding
  • Create complex multi-roof structures using blending tool


2D to 3D in an instant
With two distinct work-spaces, you can quickly and accurately design floor plans in our 2D construction mode and check the results instantly in the 3D model in design mode.
Room planning mode
The room planning tool enables you to build a complete floor-plan one room at a time. Select a room shape which closest matches to the design you have in mind and add to your plan area. Then add a dimension for each wall to create an accurate sized room. Repeat the process with other rooms to create a full floor-plan.
Multiple views
Customize your view types with line styles, patterns and colors. As well as standard 2D construction mode and 3D design mode, you can use sketch mode, color overlays and numerous surface toggles to ensure you show your designs at their best.
In-line measurements
The new in-line measurement tool provides a fast, easy and visual method to make changes to the elements of your design quickly and easily. Usable in both 2D construction mode and 3D design mode, in-line measurements can be used to change sizes and positions of doors, windows, walls, roofs etc. Lock parts of the element that you don't want to be effected or show the effects of drag-and-drop re-positioning.
Doors, Windows and Walls
Arcon Evo's doors, windows and walls libraries contains many standard types that can be edited in great detail.
Staircase customization tools
Choose from a myriad of options to define all elements of the stairs, balustrades, risers and treads. Customize your 2D display to suit your preferred presentation style.
Drag & drop or numeric input methods
Drag & drop to insert objects, point and click to place walls or use numeric input methods to enter dimensions such as wall lengths.
Produce simple or complex roof designs
For simple roof constructions you can select from any of the standard roof types in the library and simply drag and drop into position and amend pitch etc. as required. Alternatively use the free form roof editor to create complex roof designs for more unusual shaped buildings. Easily edit the roof settings from pitch and eaves height right through to wood construction details. Then modify the roof easily with dedicated tools for dormer windows and skylights.
Define the site, plot or landscape
Use the define landscape tool to mark the boundaries of your building plot or site. Break the area down into individual gardens, driveways and paths using the ground area tool. The add contours using the land topography tools or even individual height points for a realistic visualization of your building plot.
Check lighting and shadows
By selecting to use the variable daylight settings to light your 3—Dd model, you are able to select your location anywhere in the world by entering your latitude and longitude (which can be imported from Google Maps).
3D virtual walk-through
Analyze your design in detail with the 3d walk-through function. Enter and explore your 3d model to check for space issues and practicality of design. With animated door and window information, check your plans will work for you.
Over 7000 furniture items and objects included
The standard library contains over 7000 3d models for the furnishing and fittings of your project. Included are objects for bathrooms, kitchens, living areas, dining, gardens, offices and many more. All objects can be amended and modified, resized and adjusted as required.
Over 3500 textures and materials for decoration
Apply textures to surfaces, objects, fixtures and fittings to change their appearance and style. The add materials to provide reflective surfaces, glass properties and mirrored finishes.
Enhance your 3d scene with picture backgrounds
Select from one of the photographic backgrounds included or use your own to provide a greater insight into how your design will look in situ.
Share information with advanced export functions
Arcon Evo provides many ways to share your plans, drawings and models. Create image files of your 2D and 3D views, save your plans as PDF files, produce a 3D model in o2c format to share with clients or export your plans in CAD formats compatible with other software systems.
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