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Penguin 2.0
Educational Student License
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McNeel & AssociatesMcNeel & AssociatesPenguin 2.0 - Educational Student LicensePenguin 2.0 - Educational Student LicenseAvailable for students and teachersP20-E4.1785.00Novedge+1 (415) 848 9018
Educational Edition

Penguin 2.0
Educational Student License

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Product Information
Product NamePenguin 2.0 — Educational Student License
Manufacturer McNeel & Associates
Manufacturer Part #P20-E
Product TypeSingle License
Platform Runs on Windows
Shipping MethodDigital delivery
Trial VersionA trial version of Penguin 2.0 ‐ Educational Student License is available to download from Novedge web site. It has a size of about 10 MB for the Windows version.
Trial Version Features & Limitations
This is a fully functional version of Penguin 2.0 Educational Student License. The demo includes only the Rhino plug-in, not the AutoCAD plug-in, included in the shipped version. For 30 days you may access all the features of Penguin 2.0.
Additional Info
Runs on Rhino 2.0No
Runs on Rhino 3.0No
Runs on Rhino 4.0Yes
Runs on Rhino 5.0Yes, only in 32 bit mode
AutoCAD versionsall versions from AutoCAD 2004 to 2012 including AutoCAD Architecture and AutoCAD Mechanical
Sketch RenderingYes
Cartoon RenderingYes
Export File FormatsTGA (Targa - Truevision Advanced Raster Graphics Adapte)
BMP (Windows Bitmap)
PCX (Paintbrush)
PNG ( Portable Network Graphics)
JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group)
Proof of Academic Status Requirements


Primary school, secondary school, college, university and career state-accredited school students qualify to order ONE single-user educational license each with acceptable form of academic ID. Please provide one of the following:
  • Dated student ID card
  • Official dated current class schedule

Faculty & Staff

Primary school, secondary school, college, university, and career faculty and staff members qualify to order a single-user educational license with acceptable form of academic ID. Provide one of the following:
  • Dated faculty ID card
  • Recent faculty/staff pay stub


Any state accredited school can order single-user educational licenses or lab licenses on a school purchase order or procurement card.

Sending the Proof

Information regarding where to send your Proof of Educational Status will be automatically e-mailed to you upon receipt of your order. You can also check our Educational Orders FAQ.

Technical Support

Novedge does not provide technical support for educational versions of the software. If you need technical support please refer to the manufacturer website for additional information.

Installation Requirements

In order to work properly, your copy of Penguin 2.0 — Educational Student License requires :
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