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Sean Wilson (Kansas City, US)
Good Service, Competitive Price

This is probably the ONLY place or vendor on the web where you can get 3D software for a discount. Product was delivered within 24 hours. Check your spam folder, sometimes it gets sent there like in my case. Customer service was kind and quick to respond when I had questions. Thank you, NOVEDGE.

Clarence Gessela
It Just Works

An old school just works program. It's focused and minimalistic in is approach, and that assists you in getting down to the business of making art.

Steven Hall

First off, I love this stuff. I often double-dip this stuff while at breakfast by the pool... oh wait, I'm thinking of Hawaiian POI! What I like about MOI is that it's name is synonymous with it's utility. I've literally had an idea and jumped in the poi just to get an idea out of my head! I'd like it to be able to resolve intersections and ensuring I'm working with solids and not surfaces at times, but for the most part it'll get every job done.

Terry Brawley
Wonderful software!

I was trained as a wood/marble sculptor and glass artist back in the 1970's.

In the 90's I did architectural design with Generic Cadd, Turbocad, and Archicad.

I am learning more about Blender and Sculptris currently but have fallen in love with Moment of Inspiration 3. It is intuitive, and lets me create the shapes I visualize very quickly, and with a directness I have not seen in any other software. Wish I was as smart as the developer! It is a great product.

Terry Brawley

Carl Erik Fredrik Eriksson

Excellent Nurbs-control!
Easy to navigate!
Far better than 3D-Max, Easier than Rhino,
and cheaper than Lightwave!
It also works on older laptops!
The "create-and control" interface is very fluid and after a few hours i was able to create a new design for a guitar-pick, a couple of air-gun pellets (flechettes) and a self-defense tool.
Can be coupled with Octane (high HD render-tool) and offcourse the best part.
Is has STL-output for the fancy 3D-printing business!
All in one a very affordable innovative designer "must have" tool.
Ohh, it also has a cool X,Y,Z interlocking tool, so your drawings are very precise even for the CNC-Cad drawings!...

Ken Citron
Great CAD program, a must have!

Moi has a very clean intuitive and easy interface with an extremely short learning curve. It has superb stability even with very complex objects and complex functions. This is a must have for anyone that needs to make mechanical objects for rapid prototyping, product design and conception and even complex models for rendering. Moi has some of the best triangulation options for exporting clean objects that render well.

The best NURBS modeler for artists.

First of all, let me thank the author of the software who on a Saturday morning sent me a link to an extended trial version so I could work through the weekend before receiving the final serial number from Novedge.

I've tried all kinds of softwares for modeling basic geometric objects and there is absolutely nothing like Moi3D. You can easily create any complex object by just drawing 2D shapes. Not even 3D softwares that cost 5k manage to be as intuitive and simple as Moi3D. The interface is fantastic. All the tools and shortcuts are just where they should be.

My only complain is that there are a few bugs that are quite annoying. And many of the commands don't always work as expected, and you have to keep playing with the 3D object until the command behaves as it should. I also wished it had more modeling tools. The tool box is quite limited. Solving these issues it would easily get 5 stars.