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Kalle Hämäläinen
About AcroPlot Repro

It is a well done product and can actually convert many PDF files that GhostScript (we used before in our company) simpy can't.
It's also mainly much faster than GS, but for example with simpe B&W A3 size pdf it seems to be little bit slower. We have checked all configuration and that doesn't change that fact.
I more good point is that it's almost same time converting takes no matter will you choose to use 600DPI or 200DPI resolution and still it effects a lot to quality!
Also there is one problem that all this kind of product has as well.
When you convert file, it uses just 25% of available recources of CPU and not much memory either.
I think that In faster computer you should be able to somehow choose how much you will "sacrifise" of available recources of CPU to just converting files and how much memory (for example 25%-75%) you will reserve just for AcroPlot Repro's file converting.
I understand that normally there should be able to use computer same time as you are converting files. But what if your computers only job is to convert files? You can use only little bit of it's potential resources.
One more thing came to my mind.
It would be nice to if there would be able to choose "remove white margins" in AcroPlot Repro, like you can in Adobe Acrobat and many other programs.
That would help a lot because nowadays you can do some sort of PDF by almost 100, or even more, different ways and many of them results files where you have A3 or A1 size of picture on A0 sized paper.
If you still have to print hundreds after hundreds of PDF's like that it really takes time to choose right size of paper and then manually move it to right position in the program you print from.
So it would save a lot of time to be albe to choose "remove white margins" from configurations of AcroPlot Repro or if there would be checkbox for that feature.
So few more features and you have a perfect product