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Byron Olson (Houston, US)

progeCAD 2020 Professional

Bruce Warren
Great Program

I have used Autocad for years, now that I'm retired I wanted an affordable work a like program and ProgeCad fulfills my needs. One of my favorite commands in Autocad was the Align command and ProgeCad has that command and it works identical. I also like the customer service provide by ProgeCad. I plan to upgrade the program every couple of years because it is so affordable. All my drawings are in 2-D and Isometric so I don't need an over priced bloated program with features I never use anyway. ProgeCad does everything I need.

Howard Pennington
progeCAD 2013 does it all.

I started using progeCAD Professional 2009. It has made many improvements over the past few years. I have completed hundreds of projects in 2D and 3D for architects, engineers, land surveyors, homeowners, and others. I am now using the 2013 version. In my experience progeCAD has been a great CAD program for the price.

ArrowCAD Design Services

Scott Engdahl
progeCAD IntelliCAD Pro

Very similar to older versions of AutoCAD (6+ years old), but still not where I'd hoped. This was a necessary (and relatively inexpensive) purchase to have a legitimate license that produces *.dwg files. There's just enough differences that I need to go through the manual in depth (more than I expected) and fine tune it for printing as well as other areas. Was hoping, due to good reviews, that I could "hit the ground running" without too many configuration issues. I ended up having to push out my deadlines as a result. I'm still fine tuning it, but hope that once that's done, I will increase my production time over my first job. I'll revisit this review when I figure it all out.