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Robert Korenic
AcroPlot Pro review

I think the product works well and did
everything it was suppose to do.

Yhank You,

Robert Korenic

Tim Peterson
Tim Peterson Opinion on ACroPlot

This PDF a works a lot better than PDF995 (the free utility).

Metz Skelton
Metz plays with Acroplot

I am extremely pleased with the ease of use and various options available. Was surprised that autocad 2007 not available at this time. Expected to receive matrix but did not. I am having great luck with the product.

Convert DWG to DWF easily

I had over 22,000 DWG files that needed to be converted to DWFs. With this program I was able to get them all converted in less than 3 days. It worked faster and with fewer errors than any other program I tried.

Kevin Pierce
Our Autocad users really like it.

Couldn't get the silent install to add the AcroPlot Jr menu to Autocad but otherwise the product has been well received. Several of my CAD people report PDF files that are smaller and better quality than the ones created with Adobe Acrobat.

If this roll out continues with the same success Woolpert may make the AcroPlot suite part of our standard Autocad PC setup across the company.

Would like to see a tool for managing a large number of licenses.