Chaos Group VRscans Academic University Plug‑in
1‑Year License (Price Tier 50‑74 seats)

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System Requirements and Product Detils for VRscans Academic University Plug-in

Minimal and optimal system requirement and technical specifications to get the best out of your VRscans Academic University Plug-in.

What are the minimal and the optimal product specifications? How much RAM memory and how much space on your hard disk do you need to run VRscans Academic University Plug-in?

Product Details

Product Name
VRscans Academic University Plug-in — 1-Year License (Price Tier 50-74 seats)
Product Type
Floating License
Shipping Method
Digital delivery
Minimum Quantity
50 copies/licenses with a single purchase.
If you need a smaller number of copies please check other options in the Chaos Group page.
Maximum Quantity
74 with a single purchase.

Additional Info

Materials that can be scanned
Fabric, leather, plastic, metal, wood and stone scan best. Glass, skin or extremely reflective materials (mirror) are not recommended.
Material sample requirements
Flat opaque material samples are optimal
Texture depth ≤ 1mm
Samples no smaller than 20x20mm and no larger than 200x200mm
Maximum scan resolution is .06mm/ pixel.
To preserve the scanned material’s physical accuracy, a .vrscan file cannot be modified. This file contains a complete data set, so there are no separate texture maps. Limited adjustments can be made to color, uv tiling, bump strength, etc.

Proof of Academic Status

Installation Requirements

In order to work properly, your copy of VRscans Academic University Plug-in — 1-Year License (Price Tier 50-74 seats) requires :
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