Parametric 3D modeling techniques in Rhino and Grasshopper

What it's About

This webinar will present real-world 3D modeling applications, including concept models and complex 3D patterns, showing different modeling techniques that use NURBS, Meshes (subdivision surfaces) and the new SubD geometries. Participants will learn about the 3D capabilities of Grasshopper as well as the differences between NURBS and meshes and when to choose one approach over the other. The webinar will also show how to combine the best of both worlds with a hybrid modeling technique that uses the new SubD geometry featured in Rhino 6 for Windows and Mac and 7.
The webinar is free and lasts about one hour, including the Q&A session.

Who is Presenting the Webinar

Marco Traverso is an engineer, designer and ART (Authorized Rhino Trainer) specialized in 3D modeling and computational/parametric design. In his work as a 3D consultant he develops workflows and tools for integrating the parametric capabilities of Grasshopper into different design pipelines, from concept to production. His published work can be found at . He is the founder of Car Body Design , a leading website on transportation design since 2004.

Who Should Attend

Designers, architects and 3D modelers who are interested in creating complex 3D models and want to learn more about the different 3D modeling techniques available. Many of the concepts demonstrated are also applicable to different 3D modeling application

Watch the Recorded Webinar


Parametric 3D modeling techniques in Rhino and Grasshopper from Novedgeon Vimeo.

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