Introducing TcpMDT: The Best Toolkit for Surveyors

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What it's About

Join the webinar to witness a case study of TcpMDT software in an existing Project in the USA.  TcpMDT allows you to model a terrain using points measured by any total station or GNSS receiver, importing files, or connecting to web services.  During the live broadcast, we will be following: Automatic drawing of points from codes; Obtaining a digital model, contour lines, and profiles; Create a road project; Measurement extraction; Generation of coordinate lists for stakeout; Road virtual run.

The webinar is free and lasts about one hour, including the Q&A session.

Who is Presenting the Webinar

 Hugo Perea
 is an International Business Development Manager for Aplitop, he previously worked in projects for Google, Samsung or UK Ministry of Defense and his formation is Industrial Engineering. He got a Master in AutoCAD and besides his job, he loves sailing too.

Antonio Pardo is a Technical engineer in topography and engineer in geodesy and cartography, head of topography and technical office in several international projects. 

Rafael Texeira is Project Management Director for Alava International, multinational Spanish firm providing engineering services worldwide. Rafael is a certified PMP and holds a MSc in Civil Engineering. He oversees most of Alava´s projects in the US and LATAM, where they work closely with Aplitop applying their solutions and tools to their projects

Who Should Attend

Land surveyors, civil engineers, construction managers, road designers, surveying managers..

Webinar Video

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Products Featured in this Webinar

Aplitop TcpMDT - Professional

Aplitop TcpMDT - Professional

ZWCAD 2022

ZWCAD 2022