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Creo Live Simulation: The future of Real-Time Simulation is here!

What it's About

Resulting from the partnership of PTC and ANSYS, PTC Creo Simulation Live gives engineers the ability to perform simulation in real time on a parametric model. It puts structural, thermal, and modal analyses into the hands of designers instantly, while they design. No need to mesh or simplify models. Just set constraints and let the CAD system do the rest.
The webinar is free and lasts about one hour, including the Q&A session.

Who is Presenting the Webinar

Paul Dye is an Application Engineer with PTC, and a member of the Virtual Center of Excellence. He comes equipped with extensive knowledge of Creo, along with many of the powerful extensions that support Creo’s parametric modeling capabilities.

Who Should Attend

Engineers, Engineering Managers, Mechanical Designers , Industrial Designers . Anyone Interested in Emerging Technology.

Watch the Recorded Webinar

Creo Live Simulation: The future of Real-Time Simulation is here!from Novedge on Vimeo.

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