Fast Perfect Lighting with HDR Light Studio 4

What it's About

Learn how to light your shots precisely and easily using HDR Light Studio 4. Create a custom HDRI map on the fly containing all of your lighting and reflections. See how the new LightPaint feature revolutionizes the lighting workflow allowing you to light shots faster than ever and giving amazing quality to you final rendered results.

Who is Presenting the Webinar

Mark Segasby is the co-inventor of HDR Light Studio. HDR Light Studio was born from his frustration with current CG lighting techniques for lighting cars and products. He set up Lightmap to further this new lighting technique which is now used world-wide by 3D artists seeking fast and high quality lighting for shots of cars, products, jewelry – in fact any subject that can benefit from perfect lighting and reflections.

Who Should Attend

3D CG artists looking to light their shots faster and to a higher quality and that are interested in seeing a new alternative approach to lighting their work.

Watch the Recorded Webinar

Fast Perfect Lighting with HDR Light Studio 4 from Novedge on Vimeo.