Improving Data Access and Decision Making with Inforbix

What it's About

Manufacturing companies generate and manage large amounts of data. Accessing all this data is not always easy, practical, or possible. Time, effort, and money are often wasted searching for data required for completing a task or decision-making. Inforbix is a new way to access and present product data. Learn how Inforbix can help you get more value from data.

Who is Presenting the Webinar

Vic Sanchez has 23 years experience working for companies that develop solutions for technical and business professionals. He’s a trained engineer buttressed with business experience gained from working internationally. Vic is Chief Operating Officer at Inforbix and is passionate about helping people get the most out of their data.

Who Should Attend

Engineers, project managers, IT staff, and executives interested in getting greater value from their engineering and manufacturing data

Watch the Recorded Webinar

Improving Data Access and Decision Making with Inforbix from Novedge on Vimeo.