XirusCAD for Rhino: Organic Freeform Surfacing at Ease

What it's About

Subdivision, bridges, Y-branches, smooth surface patches, star point creation with G2 or higher continuity and much more! XirusCAD for Rhino provides a new, intuitive CAD solution for organic and freeform modeling. -Instant modeling: XirusCAD allows direct controlling-contact with shapes during the modeling process. Experience immediate responsiveness of the CAD object by simply pushing and pulling the surface, points, edges, isocurves and faces. - Few Parameters, Exact Precision: Explore design representations with exact precision but fewer parameters: XirusCAD enables you to create with fewer design iterations to accelerate speed to market. - Full BRep Integration: You can apply all Rhino-NURBS commands to XirusCAD: e.g., trim, offset, filet, chamfer, sweep, object snap, and much more!

Who is Presenting the Webinar

Daniel Schmitter is the CEO and founder of Mirrakoi Ltd, the Swiss CAD technology company. Daniel holds a PhD in engineering and has worked at Siemens prior to founding Mirrakoi. He has 10 years of experience in shape modeling across various industries. He specialized in developing CAD technology for organic and freeform shape design.

Who Should Attend

Product and industrial designers, architects (ACEM), people interested in freeform design, organic modelling and surfacing.

Watch the Recorded Webinar


XirusCAD for Rhino: Organic Freeform Surfacing at Ease from Novedge on Vimeo.

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