MeshroomVR: VR accessible to all!

What it's About

The mission of is to make the use of virtual reality (VR) accessible to all departments in the company. Our software,  Meshroom Studio Pro allows industry professionals to visualize and present scale 1:1 3D project in VR, in the most hyper-realistic and autonomous manner. In this webinar, we will explore its major features: - Fastest 3D file importer on the market - simple drag & drop, compatible with all main CAD software - Embedded library of hyper-realistic VR-ready materials and environments - enhance your project and showcase it in the best context - Revolutionary Material Editor - anyone can create smashing materials! - HDR environment creator - upload an HDR image and customize it as you wish - Multibody - upload and handle multiple objects in the same 3D environment - Multi-user - join a collaborative session in VR with just a few clicks Join us to discover our intuitive, real-time, high graphic quality VR solution!

Who is Presenting the Webinar

André Doumenc is co-founder and CEO of MeshroomVR. He has a background in Urban Systems and Mechanical Engineering. He taught Transport Design at a University for 4 years, then worked as an associate director in an industrial company and created his own agency, specializing in product and transportation design. With the democratization of virtual reality headsets in years 2013-2014, André decided to partner up with Christophe Kohler to create MeshroomVR, which was officially launched in March 2018.

Who Should Attend

Product Designers, Design Studios, CAD users, Project Managers involved in 3D elements, product marketing teams and everybody involved in product conception process. Also, anyone interested in new collaboration uses between all these actors.

Watch the Recorded Webinar


MeshroomVR - VR Accessible to All! from Novedge on Vimeo.

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