Exploring the First Mixed Reality Multiplex

What it's About

Kubity PRO displays SketchUp and Revit models seamlessly across any screen, anywhere. Really. Anywhere. And yeah, that's awesome. But did you know Kubity is much more than just a visualizer? Our powerful 3D crystallization engine adds features like cinematic fly-through tour, augmented reality, 1:1 scale immersive virtual reality, screen mirroring, and on-the-go offline access. Everywhere. Instantly. Overlay a model onto printed construction plans to present project development over time. Let clients experience a space in next-gen immersive 1:1 VR. Or pull your model out of your pocket and present in big screen style in seconds. The possibilities are endless. And it all happens with Kubity: the first mixed reality multiplex.

Who is Presenting the Webinar

Nicolas Vasseur for an introduction to the latest in 3D storytelling technology. Nicolas has a degree in Computer Vision Engineering, and is passionate about the potential of mixed reality. Working as a Ruby developer, he created several SketchUp plugins to improve productivity in the AEC industry. After realizing the need for interactive 3D models on the web, he joined forces with a group of software engineers and 3D experts to co-found Kubity in 2012.

Who Should Attend

Architects. Engineers. Designers. Dreamers. Anyone who uses 3D and is looking for cutting-edge visualization tools and affordable on-the-go solutions.

Watch the Recorded Webinar


Kubity: Exploring the First Mixed Reality Multiplex from Novedge on Vimeo.
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