The Visible Advantage: Adding V-Ray 3.6 for Revit to your BIM Workflow

What it's About

There are many benefits V-Ray 3.6 for Revit  can bring to a BIM-focused AEC company and their workflow. Join Architect and professional Revit user Ana Lyubenova and learn from learn real-life examples of optimizations and workflow applicability. Quality of rendering, speed, optimized performance, realistic lights and materials and cross platform compatibility are just part of the things Ana will touch on. The demo will also feature V-Ray for Revit`s superpowers: from the streamlined, intuitive UI to the support of V-Ray Proxy objects and the immense power boost introduced by Hybrid CPU and GPU rendering. Last but not least, Ana will give you a sneak peek inside what's to come in the next update: think real time and interactive. This webinar cannot be missed!

Who is Presenting the Webinar

Ana Lyubenova joined Chaos Group`s V-Ray for Revit team in 2016, where she`s responsible for product quality. She`s also a working architect with over 10 years` experience in Autodesk Revit and BIM.

Who Should Attend

Architects and AEC professionals, looking to enhance their workflow. Revit-using professionals, looking for a tool to complement design and drafting effort by realism and concept-proofing, as interactively and real-time as possible.

Watch the Recorded Webinar


The Visible Advantage: Adding V-Ray 3.6 for Revit to your BIM Workflow. from Novedge on Vimeo.

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