Create 3D PDF Documents from CAD

What it's About

Learn how to easily incorporate existing 3D models into interactive PDF documents using QuadriSpace Publisher3D PDF. These powerful documents are used broadly for manufacturing uses such as assembly instructions, maintenance manuals part catalogs, sales demonstrations, and product presentations. With Publisher3D PDF it is easy to import 3D models and then publish industry standard 3D PDF files. In this demonstration, you will see how to create illustrations that can be displayed in the PDF to show different orientations of the 3D design. Additionally, users can modify materials and create exploded views that animate in the published PDF. Many other 3D tools are included making illustration creation powerful and easy. Once users have setup their illustrations then they can chose from a wide variety of templates, select colors and fonts, and edit titles and other descriptive text resulting in a highly customized 3D PDF file. 3D models from many common 3 CAD programs are supported. The 3D PDF files can be viewed with Adobe Reader without any additional plug-ins, making it easy to share your 3D designs with anyone.

Who is Presenting the Webinar

Brian Roberts

Who Should Attend

Engineers and non-engineers alike benefit from creating and sharing interactive 3D PDF files. Since PDF is widely adopted and the user interface is familiar anyone from engineering and manufacturing to sales and marketing can benefit from the presentation

Watch the Recorded Webinar

Create 3D PDF Documents from CAD with Publisher 3D PDF from Novedge on Vimeo.

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