Using SiNi Software for Architectural Visualization

What it's About

Join us to discover SiNi ALL ACCESS for Architectural Visualizations. We will discuss typical scenarios Viz artists come across every day and present the solutions we have developed to overcome these challenges. From importing Revit, Sketchup and CAD models, to modelling, lighting and workflow solutions, to preparing your models for export to VR, and finally, a sneak peek at what's in store in the near future.

Who is Presenting the Webinar

Nigel Hunt trained as an Architect and has worked in architecture, visualisation and VFX for more than 26 years. Before SiNi, he owned production company Glowfrog, working with the world's leading architects and developers, delivering more than 2000 projects in 35 countries, with a combined site value over $850 billion dollars.

Who Should Attend

Architects, Architectural Visualisers, Interior Designers, 3D modellers, BIM technicians.

Watch the Recorded Webinar

Using SiNi Software for Architectural Visualization from Novedge on Vimeo.

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