Ecodesign + LCA Training with Sustainable Minds

What it's About

Design greener products right from the start. If you want to demystify the integration of ecodesign and LCA (life cycle assessment) into product development then this webinar is for you! Learn about: (1) The business case for using Sustainable Minds software in product innovation and development. (2) Lifecycle thinking, ecodesign strategies and LCA. (3) When and how to use Sustainable Minds LCA Software.

Who is Presenting the Webinar

Joep Meijer is Sustainable Minds' LCA technical expert and has extensive experience in quantifying environmental performance using life cycle thinking and life cycle assessment methodologies. He has performed LCAs for over 300 products, has worked for all major building materials and branch associations in Europe, and has developed tools for European DOT's for sustainable design and purchasing. Joep has over 10 years of experience developing more then a dozen evaluation tools, and has drafted national standards on footprinting. Joep graduated from the University of Nijmegen in environmental chemistry, and is owner and president of theRightenvironment in Austin, Texas.

Who Should Attend

VPs, managers & contributors to: Design, Engineering, R + D, Product Strategy/Stewardship, Environmental Health & Safety, Sustainability. Also: Educators & Dept. Heads in Business, Design & Engineering.

Watch the Recorded Webinar

Ecodesign with Sustainable Minds from Novedge on Vimeo.