Importing & using scanned meshes into SolidWorks with Power Surfacing RE

What it's About

Power Surfacing RE (Reverse Engineering) is based on the award winning . Power Surfacing RE provides tools for importing (and reverse engineering) scanned meshes into SolidWorks and using that scanned data for design, analysis, 3D printing, etc. Power Surfacing RE has the ability to constrain to and reference imported meshes to capture and preserve the original design shape, and its tools support design variations based on the original shape. Power Surfacing RE creates native SolidWorks geometry, which can be shelled, filleted, analyzed, etc. just like all other SolidWorks geometry.

Who is Presenting the Webinar

Sue Blackman

Who Should Attend

SolidWorks users who: need to import and reverse engineer scanned meshes (in SolidWorks especially); need to be able to revise organic forms continuously throughout the design process; need a simple method for modifying the surface definition of existing

Watch the Recorded Webinar

Importing and using scanned meshes into SolidWorks (with Power Surfacing RE from nPower Software) from Novedge on Vimeo.

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