Emerging Facade - swarm-designed structure in Grasshopper

What it's About

Rhino 6+Grasshopper has become a standard for parametric and automated design. The plug-ins Anemone and Boid open a possibility to simulate complex multi-agent systems - swarms -producing unexpected and intricate forms as results of a multitude of small-scale interaction. Such a design is truly bottom-up and emergent. The webinar demonstrates several ways of utilizing swarm behavior in producing various complex facade structures.

Who is Presenting the Webinar

Jan Pernecky - architect, programmer, theorist, teacher, artist; based in Bratislava, Slovakia; maker of the Boid flocking library for Grasshopper (2014); leader of theory-supporting ngo rese arch (since 2010); creator and curator of Asking Architecture (2012) – Slovak and Czech national pavilion at 13th architecture exhibition of la Biennale di Venezia; lecturing on theory of architecture; teaching creative programming in Processing and Grasshopper at universities internationally; established rese arch GRASSHOPPER Sessions (2014) – international online webinars.

Who Should Attend

The webinar is suitable for creative architects, arch-viz artists, product designers, and CG enthusiast. Previous Rhinoceros and Grasshopper experience is welcome.

Watch the Recorded Webinar

EMERGING FACADE - swarm-designed structure in Grasshopper from Novedgeon Vimeo.

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