Three AutoCAD Skills for Real-Life Work Situations

What it's About

In this webinar will take a look at three specific real-life skills needed for working with AutoCAD . We will take a look at ways to manage your CAD files throughout the life of a project, developing a method of saving, sharing, using and archiving your files so that your team can work together efficiently. Then we will look at using the AutoCAD tool Sheet Sets. We will incorporate our file management techniques into using the management system to create files, handle batch printing, and find ways to share your files and project-specific data with your design team. We will finish up by discussing the importance of training. Hopefully your company is taking care of this, but if not we will look at things you can do to make sure you are your company’s CAD Rock Star.

This is the last part of Brian Benton's series on AutoCAD Skills for the Job Market. You can read the first and second part on the Novedge Blog.

Who is Presenting the Webinar

Brian Benton has 20 years of experience in CAD based design and project management. He is a recent inductee into Autodesk's Expert Elite program, prolific AUGI Writer, Cadalyst Magazine Tip Patroler (and contributor), published author, and creator of AutoCAD training videos.

Who Should Attend

CAD Managers, Senior CAD Staff, AutoCAD (and AutoCAD Vertical) users

Watch the Recorded Webinar

Novedge Webinar 131 Three AutoCAD Skills for Real-Life Work Situations from Novedge on Vimeo.

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