FormZ for Architectural Modeling, Rendering and Drawings

What it's About

There are specific tools included in formZ Pro  that make it a very smart tool for conceptual architectural modeling. Parametric tools that are specific to architecture include walls, stairs and more. Other helpful things like working with a combination of solids and surfaces, Booleans and NURBS, 2D drawing layout abilities and several 3D rendering types make it a production powerhouse.

Who is Presenting the Webinar

Evan Troxel, is a designer specializing in public works projects that include K-12 schools, community college and university projects, as well as civic and other institutional projects in development at HMC Architects in Southern California. He is also the founder of Method Digital Training and one third of the team behind the Archispeak podcast.

Who Should Attend

- Architects and designers with SketchUp looking to take their designs to the next level.


- People looking to add more complex form-making to their toolbox.

Watch the Recorded Webinar

FormZ for Architectural Modeling, Rendering and Drawings with Evan Troxel from Novedge on Vimeo.

Get formZ Pro here!