What's New in RhinoCAM 2022

March 07, 2022 1 min read

What's New in RhinoCAM 2022

MecSoft, the developer of CAM software solutions, has released RhinoCAM 2022. RhinoCAM 2022 is the latest version of MecSoft’s fully integrated Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM) plugin for Rhino 7 and 6. 

Release highlights include:

  • New saw machining operation
  • Enhanced adaptive roughing module 
  • Upgraded and improved 4-axis machining methods 
  • Milling tool holder definition for display and collision checks 
  • Integration of post and G-code in the operation tree in the part file 
  • Programmable post-processors employing the Python programming language 
  • Expanded RhinoCAM SDK for automating machining 
  • Other productivity and user interface enhancements 
  • Additional enhancements to the G-Code editor and profile nesting modules

RhinoCAM 2022  hosts the following modules: 

  1. MILL 
  2. TURN 
  3. NEST
  4.  ART 

Each of these modules can be licensed and invoked separately of the other modules.

Feel free to call our experts at 866 362 8970 to find out more about RhinoCAM or Rhino 7 or to request a quote.


MecSoft and McNeel Products 

RhinoCAM 2022 MILL Standard

RhinoCAM 2022 MILL Standard

RhinoMESH 2020

RhinoMESH 2020

Rhino 3D CAD 7 for Windows and Mac

Rhino 3D CAD 7 for Windows and Mac

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