What to Expect at Autodesk University 2023?

October 20, 2023 3 min read

What to Expect at Autodesk University 2023?

For those looking to elevate their design skills, Autodesk University (AU) 2023, taking place November 13-15 in Las Vegas, offers a plethora of opportunities. This year's event is packed with insightful AutoCAD sessions designed to help improve your design practices, enhance productivity, and discover new, innovative techniques.

One of the noteworthy sessions is focussed on creating intelligent and easy-to-manage mechanical drawings using AutoCAD Mechanical. Attendees will learn how to build and export a component database that seamlessly integrates with their Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. They will also learn techniques to create mechanical designs with ease and efficiency, which could save countless hours of work.

Another session designed for AutoCAD users is "The ABCs of Transitioning to AutoCAD Electrical and Best Practices". This session is ideal for those using AutoCAD or any other program to represent their electrical controls designs. The AutoCAD Electrical toolset could save 25% more time than when using standard AutoCAD, making this session a must for efficiency improvement.

But the learning does not stop here. The "Elevate Your Connected Workflows with AutoCAD on the Web and Mobile" session explores real-world examples of complete project lifecycle management. It highlights how AutoCAD's web and mobile versions can be incorporated within an organization to enhance collaboration, marking up changes on the job site or executing web-enabled automations.

Moreover, for those interested in architectural design, the "Schematic Design Development with AutoCAD Architecture" session is a gem. Participants can delve into the powerful capabilities of the AutoCAD Architecture toolset and understand how it can aid the schematic design development process. The software enables architects, designers, and drafters to transform initial design concepts into comprehensive schematic representations.

The AutoCAD Plant 3D 2024 software is the primary focus of another session. Attendees will get to learn about the new features of AutoCAD Plant 3D 2024, many of which could greatly enhance their workflow efficiency.

Other exciting sessions include the exploration of how engineered timber can be better than concrete and steel for constructing high-rise buildings. There's also a session on how Autodesk helped Sanepar, one of the biggest water companies in Brazil, in maximizing savings and delivering better service to the population through resolving network leaks.

Furthermore, attendees interested in electromechanical designs can look forward to the "Electromechanical Design Workflow for Maker Projects" session. Here, participants will learn to use Autodesk Fusion 360software for structural and mechanical design, AutoCAD for electrical design, and Inventor to combine the two into a full electromechanical workflow and wiring harness design.

Lastly, with real-world examples and proven methodologies, another session will showcase how Autodesk's software solutions are driving sustainable growth and addressing unique challenges faced in Africa.

These examples represent only a fraction of what Autodesk University 2023 has to offer. There are many more AutoCAD classes and networking opportunities available. To check out the full session catalog, visit the Autodesk University website.

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