V-Ray 6 For 3ds Max Is Out: What's New?

July 13, 2022 3 min read

V-Ray 6 For 3ds Max Is Out: What's New?

The latest additions to the new V-Ray 6 for 3ds Max make creating complex environments, intricate geometric patterns, and custom skies quicker and easier. Shading is also faster, reflective materials are even more physically accurate. 

This release include tools that could be standalone plugins and  packs in a number of exciting, new features that allow users to unleash their creative potential

So what's really new in V-Ray 6 for 3ds Max? 


Chaos Scatter
Create forests, fields, crowds, and more using our new scatter tool. It’s fast and easy, and it lets you add lots of detail to your scene without using lots of memory. Free Scatter presets are also available in Chaos Cosmos.

 V-Ray Decal with Displacement.
You can now use V-Ray Decal to add displacement to any surface for even more realistic cracked walls, rocks, embossed lettering, and more.

V-Ray Proxy Object Hierarchy.
Easily turn on or off an individual object’s visibility or material override with the new V-Ray Proxy hierarchical view. Set custom order by name, and streamline your geometry exchange and custom library workflows.

V-Ray Enmesh.
With Enmesh, you can think of geometry like a texture — but rather than repeating an image over a surface, it uses tileable geometry. Enmesh is ideal for creating patterns such as fences and fabrics, and it uses much less memory than displacement or copying by hand.

 Key Features for Collaboration.

Chaos Cloud Collaboration.
Get rapid, consolidated feedback on your work’s progress. Upload your renders to Chaos Cloud Collaboration right from V-Ray’s Frame Buffer, and share your work with colleagues and clients to add comments and annotations.


Procedural clouds.
Craft just the right cloudy sky for your environment in just a few clicks with V-Ray’s new procedural clouds system. Enhanced V-Ray Material energy preservation

Texture batch load. 
Add variety to your scene even faster than before and create shader variations in no time with the new texture batch load option inside VRayMultiSubTex.

New ground projection.
Elevate your HDRI environment renders with the new, more flexible ground projection capabilities of the V-Ray Dome Light.

Light Mix light selection.
Easily access scene lights with the option to select them directly from the Light Mix interface.


V-Ray Material Faster SSS. 
Render translucent materials even faster with a brand-new V-Ray Material SSS mode.

Enhanced V-Ray Material energy preservation.
Enhanced V-Ray Material energy preservation. Render even more physically accurate rough metals and other reflective surfaces with enhanced V-Ray Material energy preservation. Thin Film layer. 

Thin Film layer.
Create realistic soap bubbles, oil spills, and more with the new Thin Film option in the V-Ray Material.

Faster UI draw times. 
Get a smoother experience when working with shading networks. V-Ray’s materials and textures interface now comes with much faster load times


Composition Guides Layer in VFB.
Fine-tune your scenes’ compositions without a separate application. With customizable overlays, the new composition guides layer in the VFB allows you to easily experiment and enhance your image compositions.

VFB Panorama Viewer. 
Now you can preview your spherical panorama renders while rendering, right from your V-Ray Frame Buffer.

V-Ray is now available in three plans: Solo, Premium, and Enterprise.
The Solo plan gives independent artists and freelancers an affordable and full-featured solution for rendering on one computer.
The Premium plan is perfect for those who need access to floating licenses and Chaos companion products such as Phoenix, Player, Scans, and Vantage.
The Enterprise plan is ideal for large studios considering volume purchases. 

Users can now render with V-Ray in any host application and benefit from the powerful suite of Chaos products and services with just a single license. Each of the new plans (Solo, Premium, and Enterprise) includes Chaos Cosmos’ high-quality assets. Last but not least, all V-Ray plans include high-quality support at no extra cost.

Feel free to call our experts at 866 362 8970 to find out more about V-Ray upgrades or migrations, or to request a quote.


Chaos Products 

V-Ray Solo - Node-Locked License - Subscription

V-Ray Solo Subscription

V-Ray Premium - Floating License - Subscription

V-Ray Premium  Subscription

V-Ray Enterprise - Floating License - Subscription

V-Ray Enterprise  Subscription

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