The Best of the FIFA 2014 World Cup for Designers

June 19, 2014 2 min read

The World Cup just started and soccer fever is already high. From Germans transforming their Union Berlin Stadium into a giant living room to Google celebrating the game every day with a different Google Doodle, we thought we'd save you some time by sharing our favorites Design+World Cup 2014 posts so far.

1. ADIDAS Designs the Official Matchball

At number one, learn more about the design of Brazuca, the official matchball of the FIFA 2014 World Cup.

2. How to Model and Render your own Brazuca

And when you are done, learn how to recreate it using 3Ds Max, Marvelous Designer, Photoshop and Illustrator thanks to this tutorial by Full Frame Studio. 


3. Lunch with an Architect Celebrates the World Cup

Did you know that while athletes are battling on the soccer field, architects are competing on our Facebook page? Well…sort of! If you haven't yet, check out Novedge's Facebook series, Lunch with an Architect: every weekday at noon we post the image of an interesting or iconic building on our Facebook page. During this year's World Cup, you will be treated to images of the best stadiums in the world and you will have a chance to choose the winning architect of the day's match. Become a fan and eat "somewhere" different for lunch!

Brazil vs Mexico

Did you see Brazil vs. Mexico? And did you root for Oscar Niemeyer or Luis Barragán

4. Stunning Photos of Brazil's World Cup Stadiums

Speaking of stadiums…here's a wonderful collection of images by Leonardo Finotti who photographed all the stadiums in Brazil that will host matches during this year's World Cup.

5. 3D Printing + FIFA 2014 World Cup

And for all the makers out there, there definitely isn't a shortage of projects to inspire you. From a 3D printed soccer stadium board game to the 3D printed exoskeleton featured during the opening ceremony of the World Cup, 3D printing is joining the game this year. Also, check out how i.materialise celebrated the victory of their favorite team, Belgium!


6. 5 Ways the World Cup is Going Green

For interesting facts about how the 2014 World Cup is going green, head over TreeHugger: among other interesting facts, you'll learn that for the first time in World Cup history, all of Brazil's hosting stadiums will have LEED certification. 

7. How (NOT) to Play at Home

And last, but not least, discover new uses of interior design decoration, and how residential architecture can help everybody play soccer at home. Really. At home. 


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