Specials and New Releases – February 10, 2014

February 10, 2014 2 min read

Take a break from all the planning for Valentine's Day and catch up with our Specials and New Releases.


V-Ray 3.0 for 3ds Max

Arguably the most expected of all the new V-Ray versions, V-Ray 3.0 for 3ds Max is finally here. And not only we have it available on our website with a Best Price Guarantee, but we are also gearing up for a brand new webinar.

V-Ray 3.0 for 3ds Max - Novedge

As part of the Novedge Webinar Series, Simeon Balabanov will show the new features in V-Ray 3.0 for 3ds Max, including the Progressive Production Renderer, the advanced V-Ray Frame Buffer, Render Mask, Ray Traced SSS, VRayClipper, and more. You can register here for the live event on February 26.

Novedge - V-Ray 3.0 for 3ds Max Webinar

RhinoEmboss 1.0

If you use Rhino for jewelry design, check out RhinoEmboss, a new plug-in for Rhino. With it, you can create 3D models from photos and/or curves for advanced engraving and texturing.


LightWave 11.6 – Share The Love

Only four days left to go before this promo expires…Right now you can save $600 when you buy LightWave 11.6 or save $200 when you upgrade to version 11.6. Hurry up, there are only 4 days left to save! 

Free Upgrade to Revu 12

Revu 12 is coming out soon … until then, you can save money: buy Revu 11 and you will receive a free upgrade to Revu 12 once it is released. Check all the products that qualify for this special here.


Women in Architecture

To celebrate International Women's day in March, we are dedicating our next Hangout on Air to Women in Architecture. For this special episode, we are asking you, the Novedge community members, to nominate your favorite woman architect.

Novedge Architecture Series #9 2

The professional with the most votes/nominations will be invited to join our two panelists, Kimberly Dowdell and Katherine Darnstadt on March 7th to discuss how we can support women in becoming licensed architects and practicing.


Looking for more?

Check out our previous announcements here to make sure you didn't miss any of our past announcements.



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