QUICKSURFACE 2024: The Ultimate Reverse-Engineering Software for Parametric Design

December 11, 2023 3 min read

QUICKSURFACE 2024: The Ultimate Reverse-Engineering Software for Parametric Design

Transforming digitized objects into precise and parametric CAD models is a pivotal process for modern engineering and product design. It is here that QUICKSURFACE stands out, presenting itself as the ultimate reverse-engineering software that aids in creating accurate parametric CAD/CAM designs from 3D scans. QUICKSURFACE is a comprehensive standalone Windows 64-bit application that facilitates the creation of new, improved designs from existing products, employing intuitive tools for Hybrid Parametric Modelling suitable for both organic and prismatic shapes.


Whether you are an engineer looking to integrate 3D modelling into your workflow without the steep learning curve of traditional CAD systems or a manufacturer aiming to bridge the gap between 3D scanning and production, QUICKSURFACE is tailored to meet these needs efficiently. This robust software solution offers an array of functionalities:

  • Creation of manufacturable and editable CAD designs, perfect for repairing or recalibrating broken tools and moulds.
  • Enhancement of design capabilities by utilizing existing assets to engineer new parts.
  • Custom product design for bespoke and individualized offerings.
  • Model remodeling and data exportation for 3D printing applications.
  • Conversion of physical parts into CAD models to inspire or refine new designs.
  • Component fitting to synergize with existing parts and simplification of models to facilitate simulation.
  • Accelerating the manufacturing timeline while reducing associated design costs.


Upon scanning your object and exporting it as an STL, OBJ, PLY mesh, or PTX point cloud, QUICKSURFACE allows for the seamless importation of your mesh without limitations on size. The software's straightforward yet powerful set of tools lets you construct 2D sketches, extruded 3D sketches, revolved surfaces, free-form curves, and various prismatic features. Additionally, standard CAD operations such as trim, revolve, booleans, loft, sweep, extend, mirrors, and patterns are available, enabling the addition of fillets and chamfers to finalize your work.

Throughout the modelling process, QUICKSURFACE offers precise deviation control, ensuring the accuracy and integrity of your hybrid 3D models as you remodel your object. Once finalized, your designs can be exported as industry-standard STEP or IGES files for use in other CAD/CAM packages, 3D Printing, or CNC machining. Furthermore, QUICKSURFACE provides a full parametric tree into SOLIDWORKS, enhancing the workflow for SOLIDWORKS users.

QUICKSURFACE Distinct Advantages

While not comparing directly to other software packages, QUICKSURFACE boasts several unique features that contribute to its distinction in the market:

  • User-driven interactive selection versus automatic segmentation on reference meshes.
  • Constrained best fit capabilities, such as ensuring cylinder directions are parallel to an axis while optimizing fit to the points.
  • Relations between extracted primitives for maintaining design consistencies like parallelism and perpendicularity.
  • Quick alignment through extracted primitive prioritization.
  • Real-time 2D sketch deviation color mapping and proprietary snap-to-mesh technology for free-form modelling.
  • User-adjustable automatic surfaces to circumvent mesh anomalies like outliers and noise.
  • A hybrid modelling approach that combines free-form shapes with basic primitives to build complex CAD models.
  • Guided error correction in SOLIDWORKS with the QS Connect module, eliminating transfer failures.
  • Exclusion of redundant hardware integration and mesh processing tools that are already part of modern 3D scanners, ensuring cost efficiency.

By focusing on these strengths, QUICKSURFACE sets itself apart as a specialized, user-friendly solution for reverse engineering, offering both versatility and precision in transforming 3D scanned data into high-quality parametric CAD models.

Integrating QUICKSURFACE into Your Workflow

Integrating QUICKSURFACE into your design and manufacturing workflow can significantly enhance efficiency and produce better outcomes. For instance, when collaborating with 3D printers or CNC machines, QUICKSURFACE's compatibility with exporting models in universally accepted file formats ensures a streamlined transition from design to physical production.

For professionals utilizing SOLIDWORKS, QUICKSURFACE acts as a potent extension, providing a seamless transition of parametric data into the SOLIDWORKS environment. This synergy reduces the complexities often associated with the import and refinement of 3D scan data.


QUICKSURFACE represents a paradigm shift in reverse engineering, equipping professionals with the means to convert 3D scans into precise parametric CAD models. Its ease of use, combined with powerful modelling capabilities, makes it an invaluable asset for anyone looking to enhance their production with speed and precision.

Embrace the potential of QUICKSURFACE in your design and manufacturing processes to leverage the power of 3D scans, accelerate productivity, and achieve immaculate precision in your creations. For more information about the newest and most advanced design software technology, your journey can begin by contacting our sales team at NOVEDGE. Visit our website to explore a wide range of software solutions that can complement QUICKSURFACE and elevate your engineering and design projects.

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