New SketchUp 2023 with Revit Importer!

February 22, 2023 3 min read

New SketchUp 2023 with Revit Importer!

We’re excited to announce the release of  SketchUp 2023. This update includes the new Revit Importer, a new Flip Tool, new Overlays Panel, and Large Model Saving Efficiency. The subscription also includes V-Ray 6, and Scan Essentials.

Here's all the details about these amazing SketchUp 2023 improvements.


One of the biggest features of SketchUp 2023, and something that users have been waiting a long time, is the ability to import Revit projects into SketchUp models. Keep in mind that this feature is only contained inside SketchUp Studio (and not SketchUp Pro).

The new Revit Importer does not require you to have a Revit installation or a Revit license. Furthermore, there is a compatibility with .rvt files created with the 2011 or later versions of Revit.

When incorporating a .rvt file into a SketchUp model, SketchUp automatically creates the following:

SketchUp Components -
SketchUp Components converts all Revit families into components, converts identical Revit objects to identical components, and names components using the Revit family name/family type and instance UUID.

SketchUp Tags -
All Revit families receive tags named after their equivalent Revit categories.

SketchUp Sections -
SketchUp Sections creates Sections from Revit Levels, pointed downward, and placed 4' above Revit levels.

SketchUp Materials -
Revit Materials become SketchUp Materials and appear as if rendered using the Consistent Colors option in Revit.

Geometry Optimization -
SketchUp optimizes redundant triangulation and lowers the segment count on curves in imported Revit projects.


The new Flip Tool replaces the Flip Along commands,  making it simpler to invert selections and create symmetry, taking the guesswork out of reorienting a selection.


Large Model Saving is now more efficient thanks to multithreading technology.
Multithreading is the ability of a central processing unit to provide multiple threads of execution concurrently. This allows user to save bigger models faster and with less chance for errors. Be aware that the multithreading technology used in SketchUp 2023 applies only to the saving, and to the modeling.


In SketchUp 2023 there comes the new ability for extensions to persists and keep working (overlay) while native SketchUp tools are being used.  Extensions can now continue to analyze, visualize, and create information in the modeling window. It is now possible to manage extensions designed with this capability with the new Overlays panel. This has some really interesting possibilities in the future, depending on the new extensions developers will come up with.


There are some notable addition in this section.
Increased Eraser Sensitivity
The sensitivity of Eraser has been increased so you get a truer feel and outcome to your eraser strokes. Deselect Edges/Faces
It is now possible to remove faces or edges from a selection set using Deselect Edges or Deselect Faces.
Double-Click Drawing Axes
When moving the drawing axes with the Axes tool you can now double-click to instantly place them, skipping all the other alignment steps.
Freehand Segments
Line segments can be modified using Ctrl + or Ctrl -, the same way one would increase or decrease segments for circles, arcs, or polygons.
Three-point Drawing Tools Measurements

The measurements input for the 2-Point Arc, 3-Point Arc, and Rotated Rectangle tools are now standardized. After setting the second point for these tools you can input and repeat values into the measurement box, defining the initial distance of a drawing operation.
Section Planes in Reloaded Components
Occasionally, components with section planes load into a model, and the active style conflicts with the saved section plane visibility properties of the component. Not anymore! Now, model's settings take precedence and the current style settings are respected when importing those components.
Search Results Shortcuts
Assigned shortcuts will be visible during the search, if available.

Feel free to call our experts at 866 362 8970 to find out more about SketchUp Pro , SketchUp Studio or to request a quote.


SketchUp Products 

SketchUp Pro – Subscription

SketchUp Pro 2023– Subscription

SketchUp Studio – Subscription

SketchUp Studio 2023 – Subscription

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