Keyshot 2023.2 : This Is the Update You Need!

June 28, 2023 2 min read

Keyshot 2023.2 : This Is the Update You Need!



KeyShot latest update has been released. Check out the newest improvements and features updates.

 What's New in KeyShot 2023.2:

With 360 Views in KeyShot Web Viewer you can skip the rendering process and simply share a link. This is especially useful when working on a design and seeking feedback, . You can send this link to anyone, even if they don't use KeyShot. Optionally, you can protect your work with a password to keep it secure. KeyShot Web also allows you to share interactive 360-degree images from KeyShotXR in the Web Viewer. 

3D Paint
Great news for tablet users: 3D Paint now responds to pressure sensitivity, recognizing the amount of pressure applied by the pen on the tablet's surface. This enhancement enables you to naturally create tapered and faded lines and textures on your designs. To activate pressure sensitivity, go to the 3D Paint settings next to size, opacity, or flow. Please note that pressure sensitivity is only available on pressure-sensitive tablets. 

Motion Blur Updates
If you enjoy creating animations in KeyShot, you'll be delighted by the new Motion Blur updates. These updates provide a more intuitive way to achieve the perfect motion blur effect. Simply adjust the new shutter speed slider to control the amount of blur in your animation. 

Camera Keyframe
KeyShot 2023.2 offers a smoother Camera Keyframe solution that is both more predictable and easier to use.

CMF Output
Enjoy enhanced customization options in the CMF Output, including paper size, font consistency, and improved table layout options.

Asset Lists Organization
For those working with complex scenes, navigating and locating assets has never been easier. Simply select multiple items within your lists and reorder them effortlessly through drag and drop. Asset lists are now available in Cameras, Environments, Image Styles, Render Layers, Studios, and Sub-Materials. 

GPU & CPU Parity
Rest assured that materials will always appear identical, regardless of the rendering technique used. KeyShot 2023.2 includes improvements that minimize visual differences between CPU and GPU rendering, as well as between Product Mode and Interior Mode. With these exciting updates, we continue our commitment to delivering excellence in KeyShot. 



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