Discover the Latest Features of Creo 10

April 27, 2023 3 min read

Discover the Latest Features of Creo 10

Creo 10 is out, with customer-focused enhancements that will enable you to produce exceptional designs in less time. This latest release boasts state-of-the-art improvements for composites tools, MBD, ergonomics design, simulation-driven design, advanced manufacturing, and design for electrification. But that's not all, PTC is also introducing Creo+, a cloud-based SaaS product that offers all the features of Creo 10, plus innovative tools for streamlined license management and deployment, as well as real-time collaboration capabilities.

Key features in Creo 10 release include:

Usability and productivity

Creo 10 has introduced several multibody improvements that make organizing, reordering, and comprehending design intent a breeze. Productivity has also been given a boost, with enhancements to part modeling tools, such as Sketcher, Surfacing, Hole, and Pattern. Additionally, the user experience has been enhanced.
Usability and productivity improvements include:

  • Enhanced modeling tools for improved holes and patterns, plus Sketcher Project/Offset ;
  • Enhanced and streamlined multibody capabilities around Boolean operations to split and trim bodies; 
  • Surfacing enhancements to Warp, Freestyle, and Style.

Model-based definition (MBD) and Detailing Improvements

With Creo 10, the Model-based definition (MBD) has been further strengthened through robust updates to annotations within the 3D model, as well as improved compliance, usability, and productivity to industry standards.

Ergonomic Design

With Creo 10, you can more easily account for the uniqueness of users, including the full range of movement and field of vision. Additionally, Creo 10 has made improvements to manikins and libraries, resulting in better control and reach envelopes.

Design for Electrification

Electric design feature updates include:

  • A new cabling tree, with improved views, search, queries, and filters;
  • Split and merge harnesses for improved collaboration and reuse ;
  • Import paste masks and easier handling of hole parameters for better integration, collaboration, and visibility of PCBs in M-CAD design.

Composites Design and Manufacturing

The new Creo 10 enables you to design products using composite materials.
The latest features of Creo 10 allow you to:

  • Create plies and cores, including cross-sections, along with resulting solid geometry properties;
  • Conduct a simulation of draping and composite structures for analysis;
  •  Generate drape and flat patterns while also automatically creating ply books and digital work instructions for manufacturing.

Advances in Additive and Subtractive Manufacturing

In additive manufacturing new beam-based and formula-driven lattices are now available . In regards to traditional manufacturing, High-Speed Milling now saves machining time, with support for barrel tools on specialized Floor and Wall Finishing NC sequences.

These new advancements include:

  • New beam-based lattices for medical devices, plus auxetic cells for energy absorption; 
  • Simulation-driven variability for formula-driven lattices, plus highly efficient IWP cell lattices;
  •  Improved High-Speed Milling with support for barrel tools and mill volume; 
  • New CL player for toolpath display, and enhancements to area turning.

Simulation-Driven Design and Generative Design

In a nutshell:

  • Creo Simulation Livenow includes contact simulation options and improved options for fluid and structural results;
  • New Creo Ansys Simulation Advanced allows for combined structural and thermal studies and includes support for non-linear contacts and materials;
  • Creo Flow Analysis comes with improved streamlines and animation; 
  • Creo Simulate includes the support for multi-bodies;
  • Generative design is enhanced with rotational symmetry, mass point constraints, and remote loads.

Generative design has also been enhanced with new features including rotational symmetry, mass point constraints, and remote loads.

Introducing Creo +

Creo+ includes collaboration tools to enable multiple team members to review, explore, and edit part designs in real-time. Creo+ also includes cloud-based desktop tools for license management, deployment, and telemetry services.
Creo+ is fully upwards compatible with on-premises versions of Creo, therefore there is no data translation needed.

Feel free to call our experts at 866 362 8970 to find out more about Creo 10 or to request a quote.


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