Create Complex Parametric Models for Architecture, VFX, and Games With The New RailClone 6

May 29, 2023 3 min read

Create Complex Parametric Models for Architecture, VFX, and Games With The New RailClone 6

Get ready to be blown away by the release of RailClone 6, the ultimate parametric modelling and layout tool for 3ds Max. Packed with a myriad of new features and enhancements, this latest version is set to revolutionize the way you create stunning styles and designs.

Let's dive into the exciting enhancements and new features of RailClone 6:

Overhauled Asset Library
The new RailClone 6 has over 160 new parametric assets in five collections including masonry walls, park benches, bins, bike racks, pergolas, roads, streetlights, traffic lights, parking canopies bollards, traffic barriers, and more. And more to come soon...

    Rewritten Library Browser
    This release goes beyond a single feature. It introduces a brand-new library browser, completely rebuilt from scratch, setting the stage for easier development of future enhancements. Now you can effortlessly add RailClone objects to your library directly from your scene, providing a multitude of options for automated material library creation, asset collection, and thumbnail generation. 

    Always-on-top Style Editor
    RailClone's Style Editor introduces the always-on-top option, which allows you to keep the Style Editor open even when you deselect the RailClone object. This game-changing feature enables you to effortlessly edit styles while simultaneously working on related scene objects. No more switching back and forth or losing access to the graph of the last edited RailClone style.

    New nodes: Link and Reroute
    Make graphs much easier to read using Link nodes that allow you to redirect and create branches in the wires. You can choose from several different node and wire styles or even hide the connection between two Link nodes to declutter your graphs.  For simpler changes to Wires, you can simply double-click anywhere along a wire to add a new Reroute anchor. Reroute nodes are for adjusting the path of the spline, so they have a single input and output. If you need to branch a wire you use a Link node instead.

    Macros Improvements
    Create macros easily by simply copying and pasting an entire graph into a macro tab. All the base objects are automatically converted to inputs, and numeric nodes to parameters. 

    RailClone Slice
    Introducing RailClone Slice. This new plugin allows you to manipulate multiple slice planes from a single interface to split a mesh into all the pieces needed to create styles with linear and array generators. 

    Password Protect Graphs
    Share styles with confidence using the new password protection feature. To add a password, in any style go to the Style dropdown and select Protect by Password. 

    RailClone Spline 
    RailClone Spline gets a new “Free” marker mode. These types of markers are not assigned to a specific part of a path. But instead, can be used to control parameters for an entire subspline. Unlike normal markers, they can also be used alongside the Generator Padding feature. 

    Capping Improvements
    You can now set the Material ID for capped faces, allowing for different materials to be assigned to sliced faces compared to the rest of the model. In addition, capped faces generated from Clipping areas can be automatically box mapped using the parameters defined in the Segment node.

    Improved Deformation
    In previous versions, the ability to mix Stepped and Vertical modes was limited to geometry above a spline. In RailClone 6, you can now use these features whether a segment is above the spline, below the spline, or spanning both. 

    Improved Corona Support
    RailClone Colour is now natively supported in Corona Renderer v9 or above. This means Corona users can now benefit from RailClone colour's powerful randomisation features including the ability to randomise bitmaps, randomly tint maps based on a gradient or pixels sampled from a texture, and even the ability to colourise objects based on a texture mapped to a surface.

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    RailClone 6 

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