AutoDesSys Family Grows: the New bonzai3d is Here!

June 08, 2009 1 min read

I’ve been waiting for some time. The couple of sneak previews I had only made me even more curious. And finally, on June 5th, 2009, AutoDesSys officially released bonzai3d.

formZ is not anymore the single child (with polymorphic incarnations) of Alexandra and Chris Yessios‘ company. From now on, formZ has a little brother. It’s called bonzai3d.

bonzai3d being based on a powerful geometric engine, creates 3D models described by exact geometry

How is bonzai3d different from its older and more popular brother? bonzai3d is a sort of Google SketchUp without the limitations of the polygonal geometry. While SketchUp can create “good looking” 3D models and pictures, its geometry is mostly useless and can’t be passed down to the manufacturing or construction processes or reused in a professional CAD system. bonzai3d however, being based on a powerful geometric engine, effortless creates 3D models described by exact geometry that can be successfully used in all the processes that follow the conceptual design.

bonzai3d doesn’t have any ambition to compete with formZ, but rather to provide a valuable support for  conceptual design while complementing existing design systems thanks to very good import/export capabilities.

Why not to try bonzai3d by downloading the trial version (Mac or Win)? Try bonzai3d now and let me know your impressions!

Franco Folini

Video Introduction to bonzai3d UI
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Franco Folini
Franco Folini

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