ZBrush Tip: Maximizing ZBrush Timeline for Dynamic 3D Model Presentations and Turntables

March 16, 2024 2 min read

ZBrush Tip: Maximizing ZBrush Timeline for Dynamic 3D Model Presentations and Turntables

When it comes to presenting your 3D artwork, ZBrush offers a robust feature called the Timeline, which allows artists to create dramatic presentations and turntables of their models. This can be particularly useful for showcasing your work, creating dynamic visuals for your portfolio, or simply reviewing your sculpture from every angle. Here's how you can maximize the Timeline in ZBrush:

  • Accessing the Timeline: You can open the Timeline by going to the 'Movie' palette and then clicking on 'Show/Hide'. A timeline will appear at the bottom of your viewport.
  • Creating Keyframes: Navigate your model to the desired angle or position. Click on the Timeline to create a keyframe, which will save this particular view. Move your model to different angles and continue to add keyframes.
  • Smooth Transitions: ZBrush automatically creates smooth transitions between keyframes. You can play back your sequence to see a fluid rotation or pan of your model.
  • Editing Keyframes: If you need to adjust the view at a particular keyframe, simply click on the keyframe, make your adjustments, and the changes will update.
  • Looping the Turntable: To create a looping turntable, ensure your last keyframe is similar to your first. This will make the transition from end to beginning seamless when looped.
  • Exporting Your Turntable: Once you are satisfied with your sequence, you can export it as a movie file. Go to the 'Movie' palette, adjust your export settings, and click on 'Turntable' to render out a video of your model rotating.

Remember, the Timeline is not just for creating turntables; you can use it to showcase specific features or morph between different states of your sculpt if you've used layers to document your progress. This is an excellent tool for creating a dynamic presentation that can be shared on social media, used in client presentations, or added to your professional portfolio.

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