ZBrush Tip: Maximizing Workflow Efficiency with GoZ for Enhanced Productivity in ZBrush 3D Modeling

March 06, 2024 2 min read

ZBrush Tip: Maximizing Workflow Efficiency with GoZ for Enhanced Productivity in ZBrush 3D Modeling

Integrating ZBrush into your 3D modeling workflow can significantly enhance productivity and creativity. One of the most powerful features that facilitate this is GoZ. GoZ acts as a bridge between ZBrush and other leading 3D software packages, allowing for seamless back and forth movement of models and their respective textures. Here are some tips to effectively utilize GoZ in your ZBrush workflow:

  • Ensure Compatibility: Before utilizing GoZ, confirm that it supports your other 3D software. NOVEDGE's website provides an up-to-date list of compatible software packages.
  • Initial Setup: When you first use GoZ, you may need to link ZBrush to your external 3D applications. This is a one-time setup and can be done via the 'Preferences' panel in ZBrush.
  • Preserving Subdivision Levels: GoZ preserves the subdivision levels of your ZBrush model when transferring. This means you can make high-resolution edits in ZBrush and transfer them back to your other software without losing any detail.
  • Texture and Material Transfer: Not only does GoZ transfer geometry, but it also correctly transfers textures and materials applied in ZBrush to the other applications, easing the texture mapping process.
  • Update Changes: After making changes in your preferred 3D application, you can use GoZ to update the geometry in ZBrush. This is particularly useful when you need to tweak base meshes or UV layouts.
  • Automated Remapping: If you've modified the topology of your model outside of ZBrush, GoZ can automatically remap the existing high-resolution details onto the new topology when it's sent back to ZBrush.
  • Scripting and Custom Buttons: For an even more streamlined workflow, consider creating custom GoZ buttons or scripts within your other 3D software. This can help automate repetitive tasks and speed up your process.
  • Multiple Models: GoZ is capable of handling multiple models at once. This means you can send an entire scene from ZBrush to another application for layout, lighting, and rendering.
  • Correcting Normals: If you encounter issues with normals after transferring your models, GoZ includes options to fix reversed normals, ensuring your models interact with light correctly in all software environments.
  • Using GoZ with Subtools: When working with complex models that contain many subtools, GoZ can send all subtools to your other 3D application while maintaining their correct spatial relations.

Effective use of GoZ can significantly reduce the time spent in technical processes, giving you more time to focus on creativity and design. For those who wish to purchase ZBrush or require additional software to pair with GoZ, NOVEDGE (https://novedge.com/) offers various 3D design software solutions to fit your needs.

You can find all the ZBrush products on the NOVEDGE web site at this page.

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