ZBrush Tip: Maximizing Precision in ZBrush: Expert Tips for Using ClipBrush and TrimBrush Tools

May 25, 2024 2 min read

ZBrush Tip: Maximizing Precision in ZBrush: Expert Tips for Using ClipBrush and TrimBrush Tools


When working with digital sculpting in ZBrush, achieving clean cuts and precise edges can often be a challenge, especially when dealing with complex models. However, the ClipBrush and TrimBrush tools are designed to make these tasks more efficient and to help refine your sculpts with ease. Here are some tips on how to use these powerful tools effectively:

  • Understanding the Brushes:
    • The ClipBrush (found in the Brush palette or by pressing the hotkey 'B', then 'C', then 'P') compresses all geometry towards the plane of the brush stroke.
    • The TrimBrush (accessible by hotkey 'B', then 'T', then 'R') trims the geometry and fills the resulting hole with a flat polygonal surface.
  • Creating Clean Cuts:
    • To make a straight cut with the ClipBrush, hold down the Shift key after beginning your brush stroke; this will snap the brush to the nearest 45-degree angle.
    • Use the Alt key while dragging out your brush stroke to invert the clip direction; this is useful for cutting away different parts of your model.
  • Refining Shapes:
    • TrimBrush is ideal for cutting off parts of your mesh to create a new flat surface. This is especially handy for hard surface modeling and mechanical parts.
    • Combine the TrimBrush with different stroke types, like Lasso or Circle, to precisely define the area you want to trim.
  • Managing Polygons:
    • Remember that the ClipBrush does not remove geometry but pushes it. After using it, you might need to do some cleanup to remove any stretched polygons.
    • For a cleaner result when trimming, consider using DynaMesh after applying TrimBrush actions to re-distribute the polygon flow.
  • Additional Tips:
    • Use these brushes on lower subdivision levels to maintain control and to keep your model manageable.
    • For hard edges, after clipping, polish the edges with the H Polish brush or similar to refine the shape.

Implementing the ClipBrush and TrimBrush into your workflow can drastically improve your modeling speed and precision. Whether you are a hobbyist or a professional artist, mastering these tools will elevate your sculpting capabilities. Explore NOVEDGE for more resources and tools to enhance your ZBrush experience.


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