ZBrush Tip: Enhancing ZBrush Model Presentations with Dynamic Turntables Using the Timeline Feature

July 02, 2024 2 min read

ZBrush Tip: Enhancing ZBrush Model Presentations with Dynamic Turntables Using the Timeline Feature


Welcome to today's ZBrush tip presented by NOVEDGE, your go-to source for design software. Today we'll focus on the effective use of the Timeline for creating presentation-quality turntables and showcases of your ZBrush models. This feature is particularly useful for artists looking to present their work in a dynamic and engaging way.

  • Accessing the Timeline: To open the Timeline, go to the 'Movie' menu and click on 'Show Timeline.' This will display the Timeline at the bottom of your ZBrush window.
  • Creating Keyframes: Simply click on the Timeline to add a keyframe. Each keyframe can store a different view of your model, allowing you to create a sequence of views that can be played back to simulate a turntable effect.
  • Adjusting Views: After adding a keyframe, rotate, pan, or zoom your model to the desired view, and then click on the next position on the Timeline to set the next view. ZBrush will interpolate the movement between these points.
  • Playback: To preview your turntable, click on the 'Play' button. You can adjust the playback speed by dragging the ends of the red playback region on the Timeline.
  • Looping Animations: If you want your turntable to loop seamlessly, make sure the start and end keyframes are identical. You can copy a keyframe by Ctrl+dragging it to a new position on the Timeline.
  • Exporting Your Turntable: Once you are happy with the turntable animation, go to 'Movie' menu and select 'Turntable' to create a movie file. You can then export this movie to share your 3D model's presentation.
  • Using Timeline for Presentations: Besides turntables, use the Timeline to create presentations that zoom in on specific details or showcase the progression of your sculpting. This narrative approach can enhance your portfolio or make client reviews more effective.
  • Timeline Tracks: You can add multiple tracks to the Timeline to control different aspects such as camera views, material changes, or even visibility of subtools. This allows for complex presentations that can highlight changes over time or shifts in focus.
  • Advanced Tip: Integrate your ZBrush turntables with editing software to add music, voiceovers, or additional effects for an even more professional presentation.

Mastering the Timeline is a fantastic way to bring your static models to life, offering viewers a cinematic experience of your art. Visit NOVEDGE for more tips and the latest tools to enhance your ZBrush experience. Happy ZBrushing!


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