Upgrade Your Design Game with Shapr3D's Latest Features!

April 20, 2023 2 min read

Upgrade Your Design Game with Shapr3D's Latest Features!

Shapr3D, the design software, has introduced a new feature that allows users to add images to their 2D drawings. This is a great way to effectively communicate your designs by showcasing logos and branded elements that can make a lasting impression on clients. Once you've created your design, simply export a view from Shapr3D Visualization to help visualize your design.

The menu structure has also been updated to enhance switching between models, drawings, and visualizations. Now, when you open your design, you'll see a consistent set of menu items, allowing you to quickly switch between options.

In addition, Shapr3D has improved the rendering performance, resulting in faster and smoother editing for larger models. This improvement has been noticeable in operations such as Transform, Fillet, Sketching, push-pull direct modeling, and the Shell tool. With these updates, Shapr3D continues to be a powerful tool for designers looking to create high-quality designs efficiently.

About Shapr3D

Experience a Seamless Design Workflow with Shapr3D: From Sketching to Manufacturable 3D Models.

Designing has never been more flexible thanks to Shapr3D's intuitive workflow that allows you to seamlessly transition from sketching to realistic previews and manufacturable 3D models. And with Shapr3D, your CAD goes wherever you go - sketch during your commute, perfect your designs in the office, iterate in the workshop or with your clients.

Moreover, Shapr3D offers multidevice functionality, giving you the freedom to use the input methods you prefer, such as Apple Pencil, SpaceMouse, Wacom pen tablets, or keyboard and mouse. You can enjoy the full power of Shapr3D on Windows PCs and tablets, Macs, and iPads. With all these features, designing becomes an effortless and efficient experience.

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