Unveiling SketchUp Pro 2024.0.1: Enhanced Stability, Graphics, and Interoperability Updates

May 24, 2024 2 min read

Unveiling SketchUp Pro 2024.0.1: Enhanced Stability, Graphics, and Interoperability Updates

Unveiling SketchUp Pro 2024.0.1: Enhanced Stability, Graphics, and Interoperability Updates

The latest update to SketchUp Pro, version 2024.0.1, brings a slew of enhancements aimed at improving stability, graphics, and interoperability. This release, available for both Windows (24.0.553) and Mac (24.0.554) 64-bit platforms, addresses crucial issues and introduces quality-of-life improvements for both SketchUp and LayOut. Here’s a deep dive into the significant updates and how they impact your design workflow.

SketchUp Release Highlights

Trimble Connect Enhancements

Integration with Trimble Connect sees significant improvements, such as a progress indicator during project or data loading and a more efficient crash recovery process. These updates ensure a smoother, more reliable workflow when working with cloud-based files.

Graphics Improvements

This update tackles critical graphics issues, particularly on Macs with Apple Silicon, enhancing performance and preventing crashes related to sketchy edge styles and demanding models. Such improvements aim at leveraging the full potential of modern hardware without compromising the visual quality or stability of your projects.

Interoperability and Stability

Interoperability with Trimble's ecosystem, specifically with TrimBIM files from Trimble Quadri, has been enhanced, alongside general stability improvements. Notably, crashes triggered by tooltip activations across dual monitors or during the import of Live Components have been addressed, marking a significant step towards a more robust SketchUp experience.

Miscellaneous Updates

Among the miscellaneous updates, Mac users will find relief in the fix for crashes related to editing materials, while Windows users will appreciate the streamlined installer options. Additionally, document thumbnail visibility and overall application stability have been improved.

LayOut Release Highlights

Stability and Performance

LayOut’s stability receives a much-needed boost, particularly in text formatting and SketchUp model viewport handling. Windows and Mac users will notice fewer crashes and lost references, directly impacting productivity and project reliability.

SketchUp Model Viewports and Inferencing

The update resolves issues with Color by Material, Color by Axis, or Color by Tag styles not displaying correctly in Vector or Hybrid mode. Enhanced inferencing capabilities, especially in Draft Mode, further streamline the layout process, offering a more intuitive and precise workflow.

Experimental Graphics Engine

The patch focuses on text rendering within the Experimental Graphics Engine, aiming to eliminate visual discrepancies and optimize performance. This includes fixes for text alignment, spacing, cropping, and an improved experience with pattern fills and kern values.

Miscellaneous Improvements

Fixes in style file management, object rotation with clipping masks, and directory creation upon launch address some of the more nuanced aspects of LayOut, ensuring a smoother, more predictable experience.


The SketchUp Pro 2024.0.1 update represents a substantial step forward in terms of stability, graphics, and interoperability. By addressing specific user feedback and technical challenges, Trimble continues to refine and enhance the SketchUp experience for professionals across the architecture, engineering, and construction industries. For those looking to explore these updates or seeking more advanced solutions, SketchUp Pro is available on NOVEDGE, alongside a wide range of compatible products such as V-Ray, Enscape, and Luxion KeyShot. For more information about the newest and most advanced design software technology, do not hesitate to contact our sales team at NOVEDGE.

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