Unveiling RhinoArtisan 5.4: Elevate Your Design Workflow with Dynamic Panels and an Enhanced Curator Library

February 18, 2024 3 min read

Unveiling RhinoArtisan 5.4: Elevate Your Design Workflow with Dynamic Panels and an Enhanced Curator Library

Design News Header 2023 The digital design ecosystem is constantly evolving, bringing forth tools that streamline workflows, enhance creativity, and improve the overall quality of design outputs.

Among the numerous software extensions that cater to these needs, RhinoArtisan 5.4 stands out as a powerful plugin for Rhino users, particularly those in the jewelry design industry. With its latest version, RhinoArtisan 5.4 introduces several new key features:

  • Dynamic Panels: a leap forward in interface personalization. With this feature, users have the flexibility to organize their workspace to match the way they think and work. Tools like Layers, Recent Commands, Quick Gems, and the Curator Library can be docked to the sides or dragged to the center of the screen, resized, or even detached to a separate display, allowing for a truly customized and intuitive workflow.
  • Curator Library: a next-generation asset management system. The introduction of self-storage capability means that designers can save their most prized elements and designs within the Curator for future reference.
  • Labeling: adds another layer of organization, enabling quick navigation through different assets.
  • Custom folders: and a search box makes managing and locating creations a breeze.
  • Choice of storage: now includes local directories as well as cloud solutions like Google Drive or Dropbox, offering flexibility and security for your digital assets. 

RhinoArtisan 5.4 doesn't stop there. It includes new commands such as Scale by Center and Gems Orientation, which streamline the process of aligning gems on curves without the need for manual adjustments. The introduction of Responsive Pave brings real-time spacing adjustments for easier stone placement, adding efficiency to the creative process.

With translation improvements, minor performance enhancements, and bug fixes, this update further refines the user experience.

As a gesture of appreciation, early adopters of RhinoArtisan will receive the 5.4 update completely free of charge. This seamless update process ensures that existing users can effortlessly enjoy the latest advancements without any additional investment—a testament to the developers' commitment to their user base.

For those looking to sharpen their jewelry design skills, the RhinoArtisan Academy offers comprehensive educational resources. Whether you're starting from scratch or seeking to advance your expertise, the Academy provides tailored learning experiences to help you become proficient in Rhino, no previous knowledge required.

Acquiring RhinoArtisan 5.4 is a decision that rewards users with a commercial perpetual license. This means the software is yours to keep indefinitely, with no need for an internet connection to run it.

Compatible with Rhino versions 6, 7, and 8, this plugin is designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing Rhino software, found on the NOVEDGE website, ensuring compatibility and ease of use. With its revolutionary features, RhinoArtisan 5.4 is an investment in your design future. It’s an opportunity to elevate your creative process, enhance your efficiency, and produce stunning design outputs with a level of ease and control that was previously unattainable.

To explore further how RhinoArtisan 5.4 can benefit your design workflow and for detailed information about the newest and most advanced design software technology, we recommend reaching out to our knowledgeable sales team at NOVEDGE.
Our experts can guide you through the features of RhinoArtisan 5.4 and help you integrate this powerful tool into your design process, ensuring that you have access to the best resources available to bring your visions to life. Contact NOVEDGE today to learn more and take the first step towards a more dynamic and efficient design experience.


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